North Korea's Kim Jong-un
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North Korea increases artillery production

Documentary shows Kim Jong-un telling industry chiefs to prepare for 'preemptive strike', according to South Korean news agency Yonhap

The situation in North Korea continues to escalate: Leader Kim Jong-un has recently ordered to increase production of artillery in expectation of the coming hostilities.


"When war breaks, we'll have to wipe out the enemy's bases and institutions in one blow," Kim said in a video released on Saturday.


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"We have to be sure we posses quality artillery and shells," he added.

עמדת שמירה בגבול הקוריאני. מתח שיא (צילום: EPA)

Guard post on the Korean border (Photo: EPA)


According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, North Korea's state television aired a documentary in which a meeting between Kim and the country's chiefs of military industry on March 17 was shown.

טעונים על משגר. טילי צבא צפון קוריאה במצעד ראווה (צילום: EPA)

North Korean missiles on parade (Photo: EPA)


In it, Kim urged the industry chiefs to supply the military with high-quality ammunition, "to ensure a quick preventative strike against our enemies."

שליט צפון קוריאה קים ג'ונג און עם קצינים בכירים (צילום: רויטרס)

Kim Jong-un with high ranking officers (Photo: Reuters)


Tensions in the Korean Peninsula have reached new heights under Kim Jong-un's new regime.


North Korea's military announced on Thursday that it has a green light to attack the US, possibly even

with nuclear weapons.


The US "will be smashed by the strong will of all the united service personnel and people and cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means of the DPRK," a spokesman for the North

Korean military said shortly after the Pentagon announced the deployment of missile-defense system in

Guam in the western Pacific.


North Korea has also warned foreign embassies in the capital Pyongyang of the impending conflict and advised them to evacuate.


According to South Korea's news agency, none adhered to the warning so far.



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