Iranian nuclear reactor. Americans are not afraid
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Photo: Meir Partush

We are almost alone

Op-ed: US will only go to war for its own interests. Against Iran and Syria, Israel almost on its own

Even if as we speak American aircraft are preparing to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, and even if as we speak American Tomahawk missiles are searching for the chemical weapon storage facilities in Syria, the truth should not be concealed: In this war we are (almost) on our own.


America will only go to war for its own interests. In the current atmosphere in the United States, as it is withdrawing from its current wars, Washington will not go to war for Jerusalem. Israeli government officials will say that, allegedly, there is no greater contradiction: The Sunni world is closer to the State of Israel more than ever before these days. The Sunni world is terrified of the Shiite world representing Iran, and like the State of Israel – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf states (perhaps apart from Qatar) and even Egypt see Iran and its satellites as enemies for all intents and purposes. These countries would gladly join a strike in Iran if it were possible.


But the Americans are not hiding their intentions in regards to Iran and likely in regards to Syria as well. They are still very far from dipping their fingers in the nuclear and chemical mud. President Obama did say publicly, in Israel, and in clear Hebrew, "You are not alone," but the Americans are looking for every excuse to avoid risking their people's lives on the road to Tehran.


The Americans are saying to themselves: We survived the Cold War and the Soviet nuclear threat, which has dozens and maybe hundreds of nuclear facilities, and we have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the Iranian nukes. We got past Stalin, we got past Khrushchev (even with a series missile crisis in Cuba), and we'll successfully get past Ahmadinejad too.


US constantly trying to clear the table

This is exactly what the Israelis are not thinking. Israel is not as spacious as the US; neither is it a world power unlike any other. Israel can estimate correctly the concern over any nuclear activity, after "foreign sources" have been claiming for years and generations that it has nuclear facilities. Israel also knows how the Iranians can deceive the entire world. Israel did it too and it can teach the Iranians every single trick.


It's for a reason that the Americans are trying to delay the inevitable by arguing about timetables. On the Iranian issue, the timetable gap is pretty big and crosses every red line proudly drawn at the time by Benjamin Netanyahu in front of the UN General Assembly. On the Syrian issue, the Americans are searching everywhere for excuses not to recognize and admit the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime. The Americans know very well that admitting the use of chemical weapons in Syria means, most likely, war – or at least a long "day of battle" in which Syria will turn over and will never be the same again.


Indeed, America has promised Israel that "all options are on the table," but it is constantly trying to clear the table. And so the apparent picture, in the days to come and at least in the near future, is that Israel, and the great IDF, are in this front against Iran and Syria almost on their own. The Americans, who understand Israel's fears, are covering the thorny road to Tehran and Damascus with major purchase deals, which will likely be executed only after the "deluge."



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