Photo: AFP
Protesting against draft in Manhattan
Photo: AFP
Thousands of haredim hold anti-draft protest in New York
Some 100,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Israel's plan to conscript haredim in Manhattan's Foley Square. Rally unites two factions of Satmar Hasidim
Some 100,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews took part in a mass rally in Manhattan's Foley Square to protest Israel's plan to conscript haredim to the IDF. A march held prior to the protest drew tens of thousands of yeshiva students who wore baggy clothes.


Some 2,000 rabbis sat on special platform. Roughly 300 NYPD policemen secured the event.


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Protesters held signs which read "The Israeli Draft Law is an attack on Freedom of Religion."


Video: 24 News


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Demonstrators were mostly from two factions of Satmar Hasidim, an anti-Zionist sect within the ultra-Orthodox community, whose members are typically are at odds but came together on this issue, Newsday reported.

"הפגנה היסטורית". מנהטן, הלילה (צילום: AFP)

'Historic protest' (Photo: AFP)


The event was broadcast live giving other Satmar Hasidim the chance to participate from afar.

לקראת ההפגנה הופק עלון תחת הכותרת "רוע הגזירה" (צילום: אהרן מייער, "חדשות  24")

Rallying in Manhattan (Photo: 24 News)

גם ילדים השתתפו בהפגנה (צילום: AFP)

Photo: AFP


Members of the ultra-Orthodox faction said the protest was an "historic" event, much like the 1954 demonstration against the conscription of girls.


Recently Grand Rebbe of Satmar Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum said that enlistment is worse than the annihilation of the Jewish people.



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