'For 65 years we have made certain to forcibly black out the country at 5 pm'
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The bright side of the sun

Op-ed: It has taken Israel only 65 years to realize that work should be done during daylight hours

Oh my, I just love how fast things move in this country. Sixty-five years have flown by and we're already making the right decision: Work during the day, rest at night!


Or to quote Shmuel Abuav, chairman of the committee which examined the extension of daylight saving time, after he reviewed more than 60 studies from across the world and 50 position papers: "Mankind is naturally adjusted to engage in activities during daylight hours and to rest during the hours of darkness." Wow, honorable chairman, allow me to support you in your brave decision!


And so, after 65 years during which standard time entered the Israeli calendar right on time – in the middle of the summer – an unreasonable revolution is taking place here and we are about to do a reasonable thing. A logical thing. A self evident thing. I don't know about you – I wonder what it's going to feel like. I have no idea. I'm not used to logical and self evident things being done here, like using daylight hours for work and the hours of darkness for rest.


After all, for 65 years we have made certain to forcibly black out the country at 5 pm, even if we had as many as 32 degrees Celsius screaming at us outside that no matter what we call it, it's not winter now. And look, after several decades, committees and studies which have proved clearly that during daytime there is something called light, we are about to turn it into a law.


Daylight saving time will be applied for more than 200 days instead of 170 (we will still be beaten by North America with 238 DST days a year, but that’s only because they are really logical and reasonable people), and for the first time in its history, Israel will not try to be Scandinavia. It took 65 years, and we finally found the bright side of the sun and did the most trivial and required thing.


At this pace, give us another 300 years and the chairman of the relevant committee will likely write: "Mankind is naturally more adjusted to peace than to war."



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