PM doing the right thing
Op-ed: Even biggest optimists should be grateful to Netanyahu for his efforts to improve deal with Iran
In as early as 1993, around the time he won the Likud primary elections, Benjamin Netanyahu warned time and again against Iran's nuclear program. He wrote books, delivered speeches and did not stop lecturing the world that it must not allow a situation in which Iran becomes a nuclear power.


It is not just Israel's fate that depends on this, he reiterated, but the fate of the entire free world.


Twenty years have passed. Prime Minister Netanyahu has not tired of preaching, and rightfully so, and they have not ceased their efforts to obtain the bomb. The difference is that while Netanyahu is threatening to use military force against them, with or without America's help, they are already very close to obtaining a bomb.


What good is Netanyahu doing in fighting with the whole world and arousing the anger of some of our friends too, some will say. The fact is that it still took them 20 years to reach the current situation, and in the meantime some of their scientists disappeared and centrifuges exploded. And another fact is that the world woke up, even if it was late, and got Iran on its knees with the economic sanctions.


The world remembers very well the poster Netanyahu held up at the UN, with the fuse and the bomb and the red marker pen. So one can laugh and create cartoons, but the fact is that the world listened, understood and imposed sanctions, which at the end of the day led to the negotiations taking place in Geneva, with Iran begging for an agreement and willing to commit not to build a bomb.


The sudden thriving friendship between the West, led by the United States, and Iran is heartwarming. Really. We may have reached the end of the era of wars, and we may be in an era in which the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. Let it be.


Nonetheless, we must be cautious. To quote former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, in this case too we must be either the leopard or the world, otherwise we'll be eaten like a lamb on a skewer.


And so even the biggest optimists should be grateful to the prime minister, who continues to warn in order to improve the agreement about to be signed, in order to ensure that even if they reach an agreement, Iran will be the lamb and the West will be the wolf.



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