Pen, ink instead of blood

Op-ed: Obama proved that talking to enemy with hand extended in peace, respect and good intentions will lead to result

The most important component for Israel's security is its special relations with the American administration, and especially with its generous purse. When the Netanyahu government launches a great outcry against the interim agreement signed by the West through Obama's direct mediation with Iran – it presents its rift with Washington to the entire world.


In a situation in which Israel is isolated in the world in any case, this only weakens its strength. The American administration expected gratitude from Israel for neutralizing the Iranian threat – at least for a while – but the great expectations led to a great disappointments: Within the White House, officials are referring to Netanyahu as an ungrateful leader, and stressing that any agreement would have failed to satisfy the current Israeli government – because what it really wants is war, not a dialogue.


Upon taking office, Obama promised to bring about the end of the era of wars and solve crises in peaceful ways. The diplomatic toolbox allows a great amount of creativity, which Obama used when he made Syria disarm of its chemical weapons without bombing Damascus. Now he is showing the world that it's better to send people in suits to Geneva than launch the heavy bombers to sail over the skies of Tehran.


The American people are tired of wars, and Obama was elected president because he promised to bring a new wind of global reconciliation. According to his worldview, not every war is justified and it's better to dip the signing pen in ink than wallow in mud and blood. The agreement with Iran is exactly what America wanted to hear from him. Even before the interim agreement was signed, nearly 70% of the Americans said in surveys that they support him.


The interim agreement achieved with Iran is not perfect, but it brings Obama as close as possible to his goal – which is extending the period of time required for Iran to lay its hands on a nuclear weapon. Obama's popularity plummeted recently, and he needs an achievement in the foreign relations area in order to enrich the legacy he leaves behind. He also has to justify the Nobel Peace Prize he received as a down payment on his first year as president.


In addition, he must prove that he is a man of his word: He promised to do everything to stop Iran, and the first proof was given on Saturday night, in Geneva. After four decades of hostility, Washington and Tehran are exchanging words rather than threats.


Obama proved that talking to the enemy with a hand extended in peace, with respect and with good intentions – leads to a result. The agreement is good for America, which is repositioning its status in the world. It is even better for Israel, because now there will be calm. And Israel has not been abandoned by America. On the contrary, diplomatic wisdom won. For now.



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