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IDF tank on Gaza border. 'It's our right to defend ourselves'
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Shimon Shiffer

Israel is in a situation of kill or be killed

Op-ed: We must prove to our enemies that in the violent neighborhood we live in, Israel is the only one setting the rules of the game.

At this time, on the 14th day of the battle against Hamas and its supporters, I suggest that for a moment we put aside our internal differences on familiar issues which have been discussed excessively in the past few days.


At this time we must repeat only one thing: Our right to defend ourselves.



The day will come when we rehash all the questions about the cabinet's decision-making, about the defense establishment's handling of the thousands of rockets Hamas has armed itself with in recent years, about the terror tunnels dug underground and the pattern of our life with Israel's Arabs. Now we must remember that it’s our right to fight for our life here. Nothing less.  


Many people are looking for a legal justification for the IDF's offensive moves since Friday, and I answer them with one sentence: Kill or be killed.


We can no longer depend on the defensive means developed here, like the Iron Dome system. A nation cannot base its citizens' defense on interception systems and lookouts on the border. The IDF must attack, and attack. The legal explanations will come later.


Hamas left us with no other choice. We have to convey an unequivocal message to all our enemies that they should not mess with us and that we don't need international legitimacy in order to defend ourselves.


And not only in Gaza. MK Hanin Zoabi, who I heard talking on al-Jazeera, is no longer entitled to immunity. We are a defensive democracy – against her as well. She cannot enjoy the right to immunity while teaming up with our enemies. This is a privilege which a normal, life-seeking society cannot tolerate.


Zoabi blatantly violated the basic rules of the Israeli democracy – and the police officers who handcuffed her did what is expected from those who are supposed to protect us as a normative society.


Hamas is claiming a heavy PR price from us, and appears to be setting the level of the flames. The defense establishment must prove to this organization that it was wrong to attack us. We must prove that in our arena, in the violent neighborhood we live in, we are the only ones setting the rules of the game.


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