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'We were allowed to hate the Chechens, and from now on we are allowed to hate ISIS too'
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Sever Plocker

Arab terrorists? Not in Hollywood

Op-ed: Creators of West's popular culture have become fully devoted to imaginary political correctness, which bans presentation of 'bad Arabs' or 'bad Muslims' – unless they are Chechens or good people corrupted by America.

A new American television series presents a secret agent changing and losing identities. It sounds suspenseful. In the second episode, the agent is sent with a female secret agent just like him, only more beautiful, to save their homeland from the dreadful danger of chemical weapons.



In order to thwart the terrorists' plot, the two infiltrate the heart of the deep darkness, the den of the horrible people who are planning to get their hands on the weapon of mass destruction at any cost. These are the members of the Chechen mafia.


Don't tell me you haven't heard about the Chechen mafia. It means you haven't been watching US and British-made suspenseful, action and detective series. The Chechen mafia often appears in these series as the source of terrorist evil in the world. It plans mass terror attacks in population centers in New York and London, pinpoints missiles at the symbols of the Western regime like the White House and British Parliament, and sends tentacles of horror which reach at least half of the planet earth.


It's obvious that the Chechen mafia operates and funds the Islamist groups in the Arab world: The cruel and cunning Chechens take advantage of the goodhearted Arabs' innocence. They’re usually not alone; they have the help of conscienceless tycoons from Wall Street, from the City of London and from Moscow.


The screenwriters of the popular series are not troubled by the fact that not a single Chechen terror organization has carried out an act of terror in any Western country, and that not a single trace of such Chechen organizations has been found there. Well, who do you want the bad guys to be in these series? Islamist Arabs? God forbid. Showing an Arab terrorist on an American or British television series? Why it contradicts all principles of political correctness.


So there is no Arab-Muslim terror, and no Iranian-Muslim terror either. Only Chechen terror. I'm exaggerating; not just Chechen. These programs, as well as a series of action and espionage films, are filled with conniving characters and organizations from Serbia, from Albania, from Mongolia, and of course from North Korea – without ignoring for a minute the murderous terror of the business corporations (the fact that not a single corporation in the world has been suspected of planning and funding murderous or terrorist activities for decades doesn't bother the creators of the films and series either). And if they already present a Pakistani, Afghan or Iranian terrorist, he is surely actually a double agent captured by the CIA.


In the past, the heroes and heroines of the counterespionage series were busy chasing America's enemies; now they are exclusively occupied with internal struggles between governmental intelligence agencies and the government's contractors.


The creators of the West's popular culture have become devoted with their full heart and soul to the imaginary political correctness, which bans the presentation of "bad Arabs" or "bad Muslims" – unless they are Chechens or good people corrupted by America.


Now the boomerang is bouncing back. The enlightened public opinion in the West has been exposed to the horrors of terror organizations like ISIS and is amazed at the cruelty broadcast on the news. The public opinion is surprised; it wasn't prepared for this. It was prepared for the cruelty of the American investigators, of greedy corporations, of special secret agencies, and of course of the notorious Chechen mafia.


That's why the shock in light of reality is so big. That's why the reactions are so radical. That's why US President Barack Obama was forced, under the pressure of that shocked public opinion, to wage a war against an organization which is not threatening the United States in any way and is not really endangering its interests.


Soon, the change will likely reach television too: The Islamic State fighters will replace the other leading "bad guys" on the screens, with no connection to reality. Reality doesn't count, after all; it's the rules of political correctness that determine what is right and wrong in the narratives of the television and cinema culture.


We were allowed to hate the Chechens, and from now on we are allowed to hate ISIS too. The other Arab terror must not be mentioned yet.


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