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'Anti-Semitism is raising its head in parliaments, taking Europe back to 1930s and 1940s'
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New anti-Semitism in the old continent

Op-ed: Those who support a Palestinian state in European parliaments are basically supporting the destruction of the Jewish state.

Many people in Europe understand that supporting a Palestinian state – although it does not even exist, and has no vitality either – means the destruction of the Jewish state, the State of Israel.



So raising the issue in the parliaments of different countries carries a double meaning: Anti-Semitism and Islamization. It has nothing to do with the Palestinians.


Yes, while the victims of the Holocaust are still alive and the majority of European countries have failed to clarify how they helped with the annihilation of Jews in the continent, the anti-Semitism monster is raising its head again in an institutionalized manner. Not just in dark dens of racism, or in stylish salons of a poisonous left, but in parliaments, taking institutionalized Europe back to the 1930s and 1940s.


There is no greater shame for the hypocritical continent, which often talks about "human rights," but has again forgotten the rights of its Jews. Europe, which examines others according to their human rights situation, ignores what takes place on its own premises.


As far as the European media are concerned, this is an issue which should not be discussed yet, and in some cases the local police are not even interested in dealing with it and providing protection. The Jews feel abandoned.


It's time to summon the ambassador of the European Union – which only sees Palestinians all day – to provide a clarification after every attack against Jews or against Israel, and demand that steps will be taken. The EU has a new foreign policy chief. It's time for her to start dealing with the problem, before Europe is left without Jews again, and history settles the score with both of them.


Engaging in the Palestinian issue is nice, but their citizens in Europe come first. Building monuments in memory of the Holocaust is also nice. It requires no courage. But what about today's anti-Semitism. The new anti-Semitism is meeting the old one, as Holocaust remembrance monuments and Jewish cemeteries are desecrated on a daily basis.


Immigrant riots in a Stockholm suburb in 2013. 'Where will the rest of the Europeans go when the volcano erupts?' (Photo: AP)
Immigrant riots in a Stockholm suburb in 2013. 'Where will the rest of the Europeans go when the volcano erupts?' (Photo: AP)


But it's also Islamization. The rule is that the more a country is entangled with its Muslim immigrants, the larger its delusion of a state of Palestine. It's almost a measure.


It's no coincidence that Sweden has taken the lead. The rate of Muslims in the country has already reached about 10%, and is growing by at least 1% every year. There are responsible countries which understand that it's a dangerous illusion, and are setting boundaries, but there are countries which are interested in buying the peace within their borders.


Only two years ago, Muslim immigrants participated in mass riots in Stockholm, and the peace was restored at the cost of giving in to the rebels' demands. This is the reason why a massive number of French Jews is already immigrating to Israel. They understand that they no longer have a future in France.


So every European citizen should know the meaning of the threat called the state of Palestine. Granted, it is directed against Israel and the Jews, and Europe has been an expert in degrading, humiliating, expelling and killing the Jews for at least 1,000 years, but this time this threat is directed at the European citizen as well. It is the indicator, the measure, that this volcano called Europe is approaching its eruption.


History is so very strange: In the 1940s, the miserable Jews of Europe had nowhere to go, as their country, the State of Israel, had not been founded yet. Today, Europe's Jews are the only ones who have a place to go to – their country, the State of Israel, which will take them in with open arms.


But where will the rest of the Europeans go when the volcano erupts?


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