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Internet takes up a large portion of our time during the day
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Israelis favor Internet over sex, survey shows

Google Israel poll finds 72% of Israelis would rather give up sex for a month than not have Internet access; 47% of women and 25% of men would give up sex for a whole year in order to stay online.

The Internet plays major role in the lives of Israelis, who would be willing give up quite a few things in favor of their Web connection, a recent survey published by Google Israel reveals.



For example, responding to a hypothetical question, 72% said they would give up sex for a month in favor of their Internet access.


And what if they had to choose between losing their Internet access and not having sex for a year? In this case, almost half of the female respondents (47%) would give up sex, compared to only 25% of the male respondents.


In addition, 59% of men and 47% of women would rather not see their mother for a whole year than give up their Internet connection.


Internet access appear to come before our basic senses as well: Sixty-seven percent of respondents would give up the possibility to talk for a week, 42% would concede their hearing ability, and about 20% would bid farewell to their sight – as long as they can stay online.


The study was conducted by the Market Watch IPSOS‬ institute among 511 men and women over the age of 18 from the Hebrew-speaking Jewish population.


According to the survey, the Internet takes up a large portion of our time during the day: An Israeli spends an average of 4.5 hours online – including for work or study purposes. The only thing he or she spends more time on is sleep.


As for other activities, an Israeli dedicates 2.8 hours a day to conversations with other people, spends 2.2 hours watching television, about an hour reading, and only about half an hour exercising.


The survey further reveals that 72% of respondents prefer to pay their bills online than face-to-face, while only 6% prefer to receive medical advice on the Web rather than visit the doctor's office.


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