Green light for 'Hot' and 'Yes' price hike
Israeli TV providers set to raise prices in December, after Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting's appeals against the price hike fail to satisfy Israel's Anti-Trust Authority.

 The Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting recently appealed to Israel's Anti-Trust Authority ahead of a planned price hike by the country's largest TV service providers.



The Authority, however, released a statement on Sunday saying it had not found any problems with the proximity of the price increases by Hot and Yes, and stated that it would not put a halt to the move - which is planned to enter into effect in early December.


Yes announced a planned price hike of 20% for its VOD services in recent weeks. Hot followed a few days later, announcing that it would raise prices for a number of its services.


Earning way more than competitors abroad


The chairman of the Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting, Dr. Yifat Ben Hai Segev, had said that in her eyes, television was a basic necessity. She also added that the price hike was an act of pure greed. Segev claimed that the companies had earned substantially more than their competitors abroad.


Sources close to the providers stated that the council had no authority to stop the planned price hike in its current form.





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