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Rioting in Qabatiya
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Ben-Dror Yemini

It's not desperation, it's incitement

Op-ed: Mr. Prime Minister, you must extend a hand in peace, even if it doesn't lead to peace. Not another declaration that you will 'meet with Abbas without preconditions.' You can try something a little more daring.

Mr. Prime Minister, we've been living under a short-term illusion that the wave of terrorism was on the decline. But it's only increasing. Desperation doesn't cause terrorism. The stagnation in talks doesn't cause terrorism. But you must not blame the UN secretary-general. I was listening to one right-winger, one who voted for you. He claimed that desperation is what leads to terrorism. You, and only you, have the power to prove these claims wrong.



There's only one way: You have to extend a hand in peace, even if it doesn't lead to peace. Not another declaration along the lines of "I'm willing to meet with Abbas without preconditions." You can try something more daring.


For example, declaring a freeze of all construction outside the main blocs. It won't stop the terror attacks, and I wish I am proven wrong on this, but it will put Israel at a far better place. There's a massive difference between going to battle believing in the righteousness of your way, to going to battle with serious doubts.


Rioting near Beitunia (Photo: Reuters)
Rioting near Beitunia (Photo: Reuters)


A serious initiative on your part will serve to bolster the righteousness of the way. It will clarify, primarily to us, and perhaps even to the world, that the Palestinian violence is not a result of desperation. It's because of incitement, because of opposition to peace, and because of the desire to destroy Israel. And if this initiative is welcomed on the other side, then the gain is twofold. You have nothing to lose. Whatever the Palestinian reaction be, Israel will only stand to gain. So what exactly are you waiting for?


Apocalypse Now

Over the past week, in two different meetings, I've heard again and again that we have reached the end of the line. Apocalypse Now. And if not now, then in a week.


It's true that we've been hearing that for months and it hasn't happened. It's true that the current government decided to invest billions of shekels in the Arab sector. It's true that for the first time, a decision was made to allocate a prayer space at the Western Wall for the Reforms and Conservatives, this very week. It's true that the public media, not just the private one, gives expression to all who curse the government. It's true that Army Radio, in certain hours of the day, sounds more like Meretz Radio. And I can go on and on, the list is long.


It's true that the civics textbooks, not just the old one, but the updated one as well, is probably the most liberal to be found among democratic countries with similar textbooks. And it's true that there's no Law of Loyalty in any country, because there's no need for one. There is no artist who rejects the very existence of the state, or preaches racism, and is also funded by the state. And it's true that only in Israel do artists have the nerve to demand payment from the Culture Ministry for the glorification of a murderer.


But nothing will change the minds of those with decisive views. The amount of reports on "fascism," and "Germany" and "the end of democracy," is so big that all of the arguments I had this week crumbled in the face of a fortified wall: Don't waste our time with facts!


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