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Louis CK
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Louis CK's Israeli shows most expensive in tour

After the US comedian's first scheduled performance in Jerusalem sold out, the Israeli producers added a second showing; ticket prices in Israel are drastically higher than in Europe and the US.

After Louis CK’s first scheduled show in Israel swiftly sold out, its producers have announced an additional performance to be held on August 18 in an arena in Jerusalem’s Pais Arena. The tickets are a much-coveted item, and Israelis are ready to pay the price for them—tickets for the show are drastically higher than they are in the United States and Europe.



While Israelis have to shell out between 280 and 730 shekels for a seat, depending on its location, fans in Amsterdam are only charged between 262 and 326 shekels. CK’s London stop is especially cheap, with tickets costing a mere 124 to 329 shekels. Whilst Helskinki’s price is slightly higher than Israel’s lowest ticket price, all seats there cost the same.


Louis CK    (יחסים לואי סי קיי)

Louis CK


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The comedian’s US shows are also cheaper than Israel’s. There, CK himself intervened to set a fair price. In an email sent to a distribution list, the performer wrote, "Most tickets are $50 (NIS 152) or less. There are no ticket fees for any shows. My agent worked hard to accomplish this by negotiating in every city and finding venues that were willing to help us make the shows affordable."


He explained his reasoning, "In some cases, the venues and I are splitting the ticket charges between us so you don’t have to pay it. In the end it’s worth it to me because I don’t want coming to see me to be a painful choice for anyone and either way I’m making plenty of money on the tour."


Louis CK (Photo: MCT)
Louis CK (Photo: MCT)


Towards the email's end, CK did mention that he and his agent were not involved in foreign ticket pricing: "That’s in America. In Europe and Israel I don’t honestly know what we are charging because the ticketing systems there are very different. It’s taken us a few years to build the relationships we have with the venues and ticket companies here in the states so we could pull this off. Over there we are trusting their system to take care of you."


The show's producers replied, "The cost of bringing the greatest comedian in the world to Israel is what sets the ticket prices, and, of course, also the cost of producing the show in Israel was changed in accordance. We made sure to offer a wide range of prices for the public to choose from so that everyone who would like to enjoy one of the best standup shows in the world can do so."


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