The Head

World's most famous hot air balloon in Rabin Square

People in Tel Aviv were surprised to see a giant hot air balloon in the shape of a human head flying over Rabin Square during the early hours last Wednesday; Designer sought to promote peace with balloon by showing that humanity has no color, race or religion.

A giant hot air balloon known as ‘The Head’ appeared in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square last week. The balloon, the most famous in the world, is considered a work of art which was designed by the Swedish artist Peter Halbum at the end of the 80s.



The aim of the design, according to the late Halbum, was “to design a human head that was so big that it would influence the thoughts of people.” His original intention was to “promote messages of peace and human solidarity in every place in the world where the balloon went.” 


'The Head' hot air balloon in Rabin Square

'The Head' hot air balloon in Rabin Square


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The balloon was designed in the shape of a human face with no particular color. During its creation, Halbum said, “The head represents humankind without any regard for race, religion, and without prejudice or predispositions. It makes us to understand that underneath we are all human beings.”


'The Head' hot air balloon (Photo: Sky Trek)


The slogan of ‘The Head’ is ‘Use your head - follow your heart’ which seeks to convey the message that human beings are inclined to follow their heads from than than their hearts.


The balloon was brought to Rabin Square by Skytrek as part of the balloon festival which took place last Thursday and Friday in the Negev where ‘The Head’ also appeared along with many other hot air balloons.


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