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US President-elect Donald Trump. The rules of the game have changed
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A letter to the Palestinian friends – I don’t have

Op-ed: All those involved in settling conflicts – who actually want to solve them – should speak the truth. Those who want to turn the negotiation process between Israel and the Palestinians into a false ‘masquerade,’ should go to Venice.

The rules of the game have changed. It was US President-elect Donald Trump’s adviser on Israel and Middle Eastern affairs, David Friedman, who saw it first. In fact, Friedman’s comments were a sober, intelligent and mostly very rational diplomatic analysis. The crux of what he said was that the Trump administration had no intention of pressuring Israel to make concessions to its enemies.



There is a simple reason for that. Up until now, the Palestinians have succeeded in making the Western world, which became addicted to “political correctness,” believe that they are the victim of the conflict which they themselves created. That they want peace, and that Israel is the rejectionist which refuses to give up its security assets, withdraw from the lands of its homeland and hand them over to the Palestinians – innocent Muslims whose only wish is to establish a civilized country which will live in peace with its neighbors.


It’s funny that it is the school’s mischievous child, the redhead prankster, who is teaching the world to tell the truth (Photo: AFP)
It’s funny that it is the school’s mischievous child, the redhead prankster, who is teaching the world to tell the truth (Photo: AFP)


The leaders of the Western world, who have been captured by this doctrine, have refused throughout the past decades to ask themselves – and mainly the Palestinians – how does all this external Palestinian innocence match the education to hatred in all their educational systems, or the fact that the donations which were transferred to the Palestinians by the world’s countries have been stolen and used to build an infrastructure of killing, murder and spreading jihad in the world.


Please read the last three lines again: The donor countries transfer hundreds of millions of dollars to support the hungry Palestinians, and because it is “politically incorrect,” they fail to stipulate real supervision as a condition for giving the donations, in order to ensure that the money is not stolen or used to established a terror infrastructure.


Friedman summed it up bluntly: “Donald Trump has a very strong view as to who’s wrong and who’s right in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He remembers very well who was dancing on the roofs at 9/11 and who was mourning, who was crying.”


The path of truth

My Palestinian friends, the more we all internalize that reality has changed its face and that the geopolitical masquerade has ended, we will all be better off. Rudolph Giuliani, the father of the “broken windows” theory, who is slated to receive a senior position in the Trump administration, will not allow the transfer of a single dollar so irresponsibly. The president-elect, who is mostly famous for his remarkable abilities as the master of negotiations, will not enter negotiations based on political lies.


The geopolitical map which was outlined at the end of World War I and World War II is being torn open across the Middle East, mostly because it was based on political lies, double standards and, in short, the “political correctness” policy.


There is no reason for erroneous paradigms, which have served as cornerstones for the world leaders in ideas on how to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict, won’t be torn open as well. You thought, my Palestinian friends, that your success in convincing the world with false insights about the essence of the reasons for the conflict, like the recent UNESCO declaration that we have no link to the Temple Mount – would  benefit you. Well, it didn’t. The negotiations kept crashing every time. The culture of lying – which is the foundation of the Arab world of fantasy, and which was adopted in order to find favor with some Western European countries – has reached its end, at least in the American administration’s policy in the coming years.


France has already capitulated

Proof of that arrived sooner than expected. Pay attention. Last week, I wrote that I expected the hurricane of Trump’s rise to power to force the world to tell the truth. In the article, I came up with a new diplomatic concept, the “reality correctness,” which would replace the current “political correctness.” As proof, I wrote: “It seems that in light of the new ‘reality correctness’ that has just been born, the French initiative to convene a peace conference – in other words, a conference aimed at embarrassing and pressuring Israel – will be postponed and then fade away.”


I was wrong about only one thing. I didn’t think it would happen so fast. Several days ago, in the Climate Conference in Morocco, French President Francois Hollande noted that in light of Trump’s election, he expected the new president not to support the French initiative, and France had therefore decided to shelve its peace conference initiative.


The previous weekly Torah portion, “Lech Lecha,” emphasizes the foundation of the new paradigm created by the “reality correctness” concept. From now on, speak the truth. All those involved in settling conflicts – who actually wants to solve them – should speak the truth. Those who want to turn the negotiation process between Israel and the Palestinians into a false “masquerade,” should go to Venice. It’s funny that it is the school’s mischievous child, the redhead prankster, who is teaching the world to tell the truth.


The “Lech Lecha” Torah portion exposes the truth. It indicates that Abraham, the father of the Hebrew nation, received the Jewish people’s estate from the Lord. Thousands of years later, the people sitting in Zion find themselves folded into an entanglement of an Arab minority which is sitting on our land. We cannot ignore these residents, but the basis for the solution starts with the Torah portion. The entire land is ours. Not hesitantly, not apologetically and definitely not for security reasons. It is our duty, therefore, to find a formula which will allow them to keep sitting here with us together and in peace, and mainly willingly.


But the burden of proof is on them. That is something we must demand without blinking and in an unequivocal manner. The world will understand. The demand will come from the greatest world power. There will be no peace as long as the Palestinians have educational systems which preach murder, killing and global jihad. The moderate Arab states have also had enough of pretending. It will now be easier to convince the Western world as well. As it is intimidated by the jihad education industry in its own home within groups of Muslim immigrants which they let in.


And before we part. My Palestinian friends, don’t be confused. The muezzin law, which will force you to limit the noise of the call for prayer, will take effect, will be strictly enforced and will likely be quickly adopted by European countries. The muezzin screams and shocks the public domain, diligently calling on his worshippers to pray, to enlarge Muslim influence. You have forgotten that sometimes, when God wants to punish us, he answers a prayer.


Rami Simani is an entrepreneur. He lectures about government and politics, and Judaism in the 21st century.


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