Syrian army forces in southern Syria

Russia deploys troops in southern Syria

The 'Al Mayadeen' network reports on goings-on not far from the Israeli border; Russian MPs are stationed in Syrian army outposts; Moscow erects base in northern suburb of Daraa.

Despite occasional interruptions, it would appear the ceasefire declared 24 days ago in southwest Syria under Russian-American patronage is holding up well.



News websites close to the Syrian opposition have been reporting over the past few days that as part of the agreement, the Syrian army has withdrawn from Daraa and Quneitra in southern Syria and was replaced by the Russian military, which created a base there.


Developments in the region will have a profound impact on Israel's northern border.


Syrian army chief visiting his forces near Quneitra
Syrian army chief visiting his forces near Quneitra


Negotiations for the future of southern Syria are at a fever pitch. The Lebanese "Al Mayadeen" network, considered very close to the Assad regime and Hezbollah, reported Russian military policemen have begun deployment in the region and are now stationed in positions shared by the Syrian army.


Officials have claims in talks with Al-Mayadeen that the only force considered for withdrawal from southern Syria is the army's 4th division auxiliary force, while all other forces are expected to stay put.


The same officials claimed Russia has erected a military base in the northern suburb of Daraa, between Damascus and Daraa itself. The base is presumably intended to allow Russian forces to mobilize more easily in the country's southern region.


Russian presence in the south may yet become a fait accompli, but the big question as far as Israel is concerned is whether the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iranian militia forces will also remain.


Officials speaking to Al-Mayadeen said that while these forces have yet to be withdrawn, they admitted an accord may be reached on withdrawing them to Damascus to Sa'sa' (20 km from the Israeli border) and Al-Kaswa (40 km from Israel).


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his visit to Paris last month he isn't pleased with the agreement Moscow has reached with Washington, which gives Iranian presence in southern Syria a shot in the arm.


The Syrian army's Chief of the General Staff Ali Ayyoub was sent to southern Syria Tuesday to demonstrate the regime still has a firm hold on the area. Ayyoub visited one of the Assad regime's air force bases and surveyed the army units stationed on the outskirts of Quneitra.


"We'll continue remaining vigilant in the homeland's defense and carry on the path of sacrifice and giving until security and stability are returned to all of Syria," he told his men.


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