The drone's moment of impact

WATCH: Iranian drones attacking ISIS targets in Syria

Al-Manar footage shows Revolutionary Guards drones attacking fortified ISIS positions on Syrian-Iraq border on August 23; additional video filmed on the ground shows ISIS casualties alongside destroyed vehicles.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards drones were documented attacking ISIS vehicles on the Syria-Iraq border, a new video by Hezbollah's military propaganda unit and the Hezbollah-controlled Al-Manar network shows.



The video, apparently taken August 23, shows how a failed ISIS attack on a Syrian army and Fatemiyoun—a militia of Afghan fighters supported by the Revolutionary Guards—position near the Syrian-Iraqi border.


Snapshot from footage of Iran's drone strike against an ISIS vehicle, before and after impact
Snapshot from footage of Iran's drone strike against an ISIS vehicle, before and after impact


A later video also shows documentation from the ground of ISIS casualties alongside destroyed vehicles. The video's description said, "Clips showing the failure of ISIS in an attack carried out against a Syrian army and Fatemiyoun base near the Syria-Iraq border and the major casualties it sustained as a result of the watchful eyes of the Revolutionary Guards' drone unit."


Footage of Iran's drone attack against ISIS positions in Syria

Footage of Iran's drone attack against ISIS positions in Syria


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The Al Mayadeen network—affiliated with Hezbollah—reported on the video and claimed the drones launched guided missiles at the ISIS fighters at the start of their attack, thereby killing or wounding many of them.


The Syrian army and Shiite militia, the network further claimed, were able to capture several vehicles and ISIS casualties.


News of the drone strikes follows a recent Hezbollah report on the Shiite organization's drones carrying out attacks against ISIS positions as part of the military advance the organization has begun in tandem with the Syrian army.


According to Hezbollah, the drones attacked ISIS positions and fortifications on the Syrian-Lebanese border and scored some direct hits.


Previous Hezbollah drone strike against ISIS
Previous Hezbollah drone strike against ISIS


This isn't the first time Hezbollah drones were documented attacking in Syria. The organization has previously published similar records of drones attacking in the Aleppo region.


In the past few years, Hezbollah's attempts to upgrade and develop their drone capabilities have been the subject of much debate. The organization reportedly possesses hundreds of drones.


Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke last week about the assistance Syria has been receiving from Iran and its proxies, such as Hezbollah. "Hezbollah fighters have safeguarded Syria's lands the same as any Syrian warrior protecting his homeland," he said. "Iran has supported us from day one and provided us with limitless equipment and armaments as well as military advisors and political support."


"Russia has defended Syria in the Security Council and with supporting the Syrian army. It's been sending its forces and sacrificing lives," the beleaguered president added. "Support from our friends has shored up Syria's steadfast position. History will write about the assistance given to Syria from Russia and Putin, Iran and Khamenei and Hezbollah and Nasrallah."


Syrian artillery forces attacking the Islamic State (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Syrian artillery forces attacking the Islamic State (Photo: Reuters)


Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman cautioned last Thursday that Israel would not accept "The fact Iran has been trying to turn all of Syria into a forward operating base against Israel, with military bases, thousands of Shiite mercenaries brought in from all over the Middle East into Syria with Revolutionary Guards air force and naval bases and the attempt to manufacture precise weaponry in Lebanon."


Despite his combative statements, Lieberman said all diplomatic options must first be exhausted. "I hope we can find a solution for it on the diplomatic level, thanks to the international community, with vigorous action from several directions. Otherwise, we'll have to think of something else," Lieberman said.


"At the end of the day, this reality is unacceptable, intolerable and Israel will not resign itself to accepting Syria as a forward operation base aimed solely against it, nor will it accept manufacturing of precise weaponry in Lebanon."



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