Lebanese sources: 'Russia estimates Netanyahu interested in warlike atmosphere with Hezbollah'

The Al-Hayat newspaper quoted a Lebanese political source who spoke about statements made by Israel and Hezbollah recently, estimating neither side is particularly interested in war, despite the fact they've been preparing for one since the conclusion of the Second Lebanon War.


The newspaper also quoted Lebanese sources in close contact with Russian leadership, who said fears Israel might start a war were presented
to Moscow by senior Lebanese officials.


It was the Russian diplomacy's estimate, those same sources said, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "currently needs to maintain a warlike atmosphere since public disclosure of the dangers inherent to a confrontation with Iran and Hezbollah and amplifying the issue of (Hezbollah) rearmament helps him continue his government's reign, plagued by disagreements as it is, and maintaining minimal unity without actually starting a war."


First published: 10.12.17, 08:43