Israeli licence (Illustration)
Israelis abroad now require international driving licence
Transportation Ministry announces countries insist tourists driving on their roads carry both international and domestic licences due to security situation; 'Israelis abroad can no longer rely on his Israeli licence,' says ministry.
Israelis flying abroad will no longer be able to rely on their Israeli driving licence to travel on foreign roads without first obtaining an additional international licence, according to new instructions issued by the Ministry of Transport.



According to a statement recently announced by the ministry, the new procedures are being implemented at the insistence of a number of foreign bodies which have cited heightened security risks.


Up until now, the Israeli licence alone was sufficient for many countries, including the majority of European countries and the US, but the ministry has not informed its citizens they can no longer rely on their domestic licence alone.


Israeli driving licence (Illustration)
Israeli driving licence (Illustration)


Last summer, the Ministry of Transport announced that in the event that an Israeli citizen travels abroad during a vacation and is required to present verification of his driving licence, he or she could turn directly to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and request the required documentation.


Using the details provided in the request, the ministry would then confirm the validity of the licence and issue an international one within a short timeframe.


With the latest stipulations, however, an international licence will have to be obtained beforehand and be carried by the driver in addition to his or her Israeli one.


“An Israeli citizen leaving Israel to another country can no longer rely on his Israeli driving licence in his possession,” an official statement read.


The international licences will cost up to 20 shekels and will be valid in 175 countries.


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