CommuniTake's revolutionary device
The Israeli secure smartphone sold around the world
CommuniTake’s advanced smartphone is probably one of the safest encrypted devices on the market; it is not surprising that military forces, banks, and security agencies throughout the world buy it; 'Most devices' current security measures are insufficient to counter sophisticated cyber risks.'
Countless investigations conducted in recent years show that the key evidence acquired by police usually comes from recorded phone calls between the parties. This is a reminder to everyone that any phone call can be recorded by the other party. For decision-makers, security personnel, commercial enterprises and financial institutions, the possibility of phone eavesdropping can be critical.



The start-up company CommuniTake from Yokneam, established in 2009 to allow remote control and handling of cellular devices, later developed a unique platform providing security to mobile devices with wide-spectrum encryption. The company now provides a holistic solution, combining a secured phone, unique operating system, encrypted communications, and threat detection and blocking, as well as centralized management embedded in the operating system and an option to establish a private secure network.


 "We were 5 entrepreneurs, including Eran Karpen, now the company’s VP Technologies, a Unit 8200 graduate, and I. Now our expanded team includes alumni of large tech firms, in the fields of mobile and security”, says Ronen Sasson, the company’s CEO. “Before that I was a senior vice president in Amdocs, where I built high-tech platforms”. He says he left Amdocs due to his entrepreneurial urge, “and because it is easier to implement ideas in small companies. You bear the risks, but on the other hand, the advantages are direct. “


Remote control and one unique phone

In the company’s early days, it developed mobile device control systems, allowing remote handling and maintenance under tight security. After approx. 4 years of improving and streamlining the devices, the company refocused on security.


"The fact that companies do not systematically handle malfunctions in their employees’ private phones opened the door to our solution. But the market’s need changed and the risks increased, and recently we introduced our smartphones, the IntactPhone”, says Sasson.


He says that the company offers a unique security platform. “It provides security and usability to mobile devices and allows the organizations’ employees to work with their own devices; enjoying reliability at all times as tech support can repair the phone remotely”.


"Our unique smartphone, which we market in recent years, is a result of a technology we developed, called Intact – an Android-based OS at the highest security level, administratively sealing the secured system. Companies can build organizational hierarchies and differentially limit access and secure them. The device, the IntactPhone, is fully secured”.


Sasson notes that these aren’t cheap devices, but for those requiring protection from eavesdropping, limiting access from various apps, without limiting their functioning, defense against Trojan horses, protection against data theft, find this in the device.



Sasson emphasizes that clients come from all over the world and the device suits government officials, security personnel, CEOs of security-minded companies, managers of sensitive firms. “Today’s standard mobile security measures do not counter sophisticated cyber risks. This makes our handset not only practical but also worthwhile”, he says.


The solution is built on several levels: from devices built for strategic personnel, through company executives and boards, to security-minded organizations holding their own servers and not trusting cloud technology. “We provide those with secure servers and secure devices, and this means that the organization receives its own secure network”.


In addition to selling devices, the company provides services to service-providers or to the clients themselves. The technology’s source code is open for review to all its clients, so that the company can ensure that the code is free of unwanted intervention. “If we have suspicion of a loophole or bug, we update the devices in real time”, he adds.


Sasson notes that CommuniTake works under the Ministry of Defense’s supervision and can sell devices and technologies only to authorized distributors and countries, so that hostile elements can’t access the desired devices. The company also provides security to products which are not mobile devices, such as medical devices – a future market envisioned by the company.


Part of the 'Cyber Nation'

To reach the large markets, CommuniTake utilizes the Israeli Export Institute, which sets up national pavilions in many conventions and expos in the field of cyber. “As Israel is considered a cyber superpower, we have a great advantage in these meetings. We have support of the Israel Innovation Authority and we have all the approvals and certifications from it as an essential technology”, says Sasson.


Gili Ovadia, head of the Ministry of Economy and Industry’s mission to the West Coast says that they are happy to assist Israeli companies as part of their activity in homeland security and cyber. “The company participated in several events as part of the Foreign Trade Administration in general and the West Coast in particular – including a delegation of Israeli companies in the field of homeland security to the West Coast, where companies meet police forces, stadiums, fire-fighting organizations, and tech firms”, notes Ovadia.


"CommuniTake is a world leader in its field with top-tier security solutions”, adds Eyal Levi, head of the homeland security sector at the Israeli Export Institution. “This is a prominent company in the security and defense industries, regularly accompanying the activities we hold in the field of homeland security at the Israeli Export Institute. Levi says that earlier this year, the company’s representatives participated in a delegation to the US West Coast, where they met with senior officials in the governmental and private sectors, as well as a security convention in Mexico City last week, with participation of senior Mexican government officials, where they had the opportunity to present their advanced technology.


"In the homeland security sector at the Israeli Export Institute, together with the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, we are proud and glad to help promote CommuniTake and other companies in the field around the world and help promote Israeli exports in this field, he sums up.


CommuniTake’s technology will be presented in the fifth international convention on homeland security and cyber, to be held on November 13-14 2018. The convention will deal with challenges, threats, and solutions in the cyber world, aviation and critical infrastructures, intelligence, terror, and other homeland security subjects.


The convention is organized by the Israeli Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy and together with the cyber community, the Foreign Ministry, CIBT – Ministry of Defense, Ministry for Internal Security, Israeli Airport Authority, and the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel.


The convention expects thousands of guests from 80 countries around the world, including: defense ministers, mayors, police commissioners, heads of intelligence organizations, cyber security manages in governmental and business organizations, banks and corporations, managers and developers from leading companies, agents, distributors, and private sector procurement managers. The guests will hold pre-arranged business meetings with Israeli companies and will tour the professional exhibition accompanying the convention, which presents innovative solutions of approx. 160 Israeli companies.


In cooperation with the Israeli Export Institute.


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