Photo: Itay Blumenthal
Jewish and Arab MKs squabble at airport
Photo: Itay Blumenthal
Bayit Yehudi's MK to Tibi: 'This isn't your country'
While Arab MKs Tibi, Jabareen and Abu Arar arrive at airport on their way to meet with EU FA Chief Federica Mogherini over Nation-State Law, a Squabble develops with MK Moti Yogev.
A quarrel erupted Monday between Joint List's Knesset members Ahmad Tibi, Yousef Jabareen, and Taleb Abu Arar and Bayit Yehudi's MK Moti Yogev at Ben Gurion Airport.



Tibi, Jabareen and Abu Arar were on their way to meet with European officials in Belgium and Luxembourg as part as their fight against the Nation-State Law.


Jewish and Arab MKs squabble at airport (Photo: Itay Blumenthal)
Jewish and Arab MKs squabble at airport (Photo: Itay Blumenthal)


The members of the Joint List—some of whom departed to Belgium on Sunday—will meet on Tuesday with EU Foreign Fffairs Chief Federica Mogherini as part of the series of meetings the party is holding in the international arena in protest against the Nation-State Law.


Later this week, the Joint List MKs will meet with additional officials in Luxembourg.


With the Arab MKs' arrival to the airport, they encountered MK Moti Yogev who had come to the airport to welcome youths making Aliyah to Israel.


"We encourage you to leave Israel. We welcome all those who are making Aliyah and welcome you to leave," Yogev charged.


 (Photo: Itay Blumenthal)
(Photo: Itay Blumenthal)


"This isn't your country, this country will always be the State of Israel and all the traitors—out!" the Bayit Yehudi's MK lashed out.


Turning to Tibi, Yogev said, "Ramallah will also be a part of Israel. Go to Paris, go to the UK, go to your anti-Semitic friends. Go to whoever is willing to have you. Your place is at the departure hall."


Tibi responded, "Let me give you a doctor's advice—take your medicines three times a day."


Tibi told Ynet that his trip to Europe is meant to discuss the Arabs' situation in Israel after the legislation of the Nation-State Law.


MK Ahmad Tibi (Photo: Itay Blumenthal)
MK Ahmad Tibi (Photo: Itay Blumenthal)


"It is important for the world to know what we think of the law. If Yair Lapid, Zehava Galon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who gave a speech in congress against an American President can (voice their opinion-ed), we also can," Tibi elaborated.


Jabareen added that Israel has cooperation agreements with the EU according to which it is committed to protect human rights and its democratic values domestically as well as internationally.


"We consider this law (Nation-State Law) as a blatant violation of the (cooperation) agreements, and therefore request the EU to apply pressure on the Israeli government to revoke this law," Jabareen stated.


"We ask for the world's involvement to press Israel to abrogate the law that discriminates against the Arab sector, that disinherits it from its land," Abu Arar said.


"If the state belongs only to the Jewish people, it is no longer a democracy," he opined.



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