Photo: Avi Ohayon/GPO
PM Netanyahu and Sara Netanyahu
Photo: Avi Ohayon/GPO

PM: Operations in Syria to continue despite supply of S-300

Netanyahu says Israel will ‘do what is necessary’ to prevent Iranian entrenchment in region, despite Russian Defense Ministry's decision to transfer advanced anti-aircraft unit to Assad's army following downing of Russian spy plane.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Israel will continue to act in order to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the region, even after Russia supplies Syria an S-300 anti-missile system following the downing of the Ilyushin IL-20 by the Syrian forces, who tried to repel an IAF attack. 



Netanyahu spoke shortly after the Cabinet meeting, where ministers were updated on the ongoing crisis with Russia and ahead of his departure to New York for the UN General Assembly.


"To this end, I agreed with President Putin that IDF and Russian military working teams would meet soon. We will do what is necessary to defend the security of Israel," he stressed.


PM Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (Photo: GPO)
PM Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (Photo: GPO)


"In the past three years, Israel has been very successful in preventing the Iranian military from setting up bases in Syria and attempting to supply lethal weapons to Hezbollah. We did this with maximum and successful security coordination with the Russian military,” the prime minister exclaimed.


Netanyahu went on to emphasize his regret over the tragic incident that killed 15 Russian servicemen.


“Since the tragic events in the skies over Syria I have spoken twice with President Putin. I expressed to him our deep regret over the loss of the crew of the Russian plane that was brought down by irresponsible Syrian anti-aircraft fire," he explained.


Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (Photo: GPO)
Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (Photo: GPO)


"This morning the Cabinet received a full update regarding the latest developments," Netanyahu added. "The ministers also send their condolences the Russian people.


“The IDF has full backing of the government. We will continue to act in order to prevent Iranian entrenchment in Syria and we will continue the security cooperation with Russia," Netanyahu concluded.


 (Photo: GPO)
(Photo: GPO)


On Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu held a phone conversation with President Putin, during which he blamed the Syrians for last week's shooting down of a Russian spy plane after an IAF strike in Latakia, despite Russia's conclusions that Israel bears responsibility for the incident.


Netanyahu and Putin's phone call came on the backdrop of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's earlier announcement that Moscow will supply an S-300 anti-missile system to Syria within two weeks.


The anti-aircraft unit will reportedly be equipped with Russian tracking and guidance systems, and is intended to "calm down some hotheads" whose actions "pose a threat to our troops," according to Shoigu.


"In 2013, we agreed to stop the transfer of the system to Syria due to an Israeli request. However, through no fault of our own, the situation has changed," the defense minister stressed.



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