Leading candidate for Brazil presidency inclined to move embassy to Jerusalem

The front-runner in Brazil's presidential race, Jair Bolsonaro, plans to put foreign policy in the hands of a diplomat who has praised the nationalist agenda of US President Donald Trump, an adviser to the candidate said.


Bolsonaro has pointed to several symbolic moves which underscore an ideological realignment such as moving Brazil's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, following Trump's cue.


Bolsonaro has said that Palestine is not a country and vowed to move Brazil's embassy to Jerusalem and close the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.


"It's a great idea because it would signal change and say to the world that we cherish democracies that have the rule of law and independent powers with checks and balances," said Congressman-elect Luiz P. O. Bragança, who has advised Bolsonaro on foreign policy.


"Israel is probably the only country in the Middle East that falls into that category. All the others are oligarchies or dictatorships," said Bragan Bragança, a member of the family with a claim to the throne lost when Brazil became a republic in 1889.



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