Photo: UN TV
El-Ad and Danon
Photo: UN TV

European countries criticize Israel's UN envoy

Britain, France, the Netherlands and Sweden send letter of complaint to UN Security Council president against Ambassador Danon, after he called B'Tselem head Hagai El-Ad a 'collaborator'; Danon: 'They should condemn B'Tselem instead of fund it.'

Four European countries—Britain, France, the Netherlands and Sweden—have sent a letter of complaint to the UN Security Council president, criticizing Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon's harsh remarks to B'Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad.



El-Ad, an Israeli citizen, was invited to speak at a Security Council session about the Middle East, where he delivered scathing criticism of Israel.


Danon, in response, slammed El-Ad, adding "Shame on you, collaborator" in Hebrew.


El-Ad and Danon (Photos: UN TV)
El-Ad and Danon (Photos: UN TV)


"We welcome the invitation of Hagai El-Ad, the executive director of B'Tselem, to give a briefing to the Security Council on the Middle East, including the Palestinian question," the four countries wrote. "It was very appropriate to include the aspect of human rights in this discussion. The Council's discussions are enriched by such invitations... it's important these individuals and organizations come to the Council without having to contend with personal attacks."


"The remarks by the Israeli ambassador to Mr. El-Ad were very unfortunate. They were made in a language to which there was not interpretation at the council (Hebrew), violating the basic rules of the Council, which are put in place to ensure we understand one another. It's important that the president of the Security Council emphasizes the importance of using one of the six official languages of the UN," the letter went on to say.


Danon slammed the four countries. "Some of the European countries praise, support and generously fund an organization that comes out against IDF soldiers, against the State of Israel and against its judicial system, instead of pursuing truth and justice. It would be more appropriate for these countries—which provide oxygen to the organization via massive funding that leads to increasing BDS activity around the world—to condemn its activity with a clear, firm voice. Despite that, unfortunately, they call the B'Tselem executive director's remarks against IDF soldiers a 'contribution to the discussion,' while not revealing the funding they provide him."


Danon went on to charge that "The B'Tselem organization presents everything except for the truth, and it is our duty to fight against its lies. Its close ties with countries that have anti-Israeli agenda such as Bolivia, and its presence alongside the Palestinians, only strengthen the claim it collaborates with those who seek to harm us."


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