UN council meets on Iran's ballistic missile launches

The United States and Iran traded accusations Tuesday over Tehran's latest ballistic missile test, which the UN Security Council discussed behind closed doors without taking any action.


US Ambassador Nikki Haley called on the UN's most powerful body to unanimously condemn the "provocative missile test" on Dec. 1, calling
it "dangerous and concerning, but not surprising."


At issue is Iran's compliance with the Security Council resolution that endorsed the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear agreement with Western powers, which the Trump administration pulled out of in May. A key provision calls on Iran "not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons" -- but it does not explicitly demand that Tehran do so.


The Security Council has been divided since the resolution was adopted over whether the language on ballistic missile launches is permissive or mandatory.


Iran's UN Mission said in a press release Tuesday that "all ballistic missile related activities of Iran are in full conformity" with the 2015 Security Council resolution and said that "it is the US that is in absolute violation of the very same resolution" for "its unlawful withdrawal" from the nuclear deal.


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