Palestinian president condemns West Bank attack

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the latest round of violence in the West Bank, criticizing both militant attacks and the tough Israeli response.


Abbas' office issued a statement on Thursday, shortly after a Palestinian terrorist killed two Israelis north of Jerusalem, accusing Israel of creating a "climate" conducive to violence through its frequent military operations in Palestinian cities.


Abbas also accused Israel of incitement against him.


His statement says that "the absence of the horizon of peace is what led to this series of violence, which we condemn and reject, and for which both sides pay a price."


The statement also added: "Our permanent policy is to reject violence, incursions and terror of the settlers, and the need to stop incitement and not to create an atmosphere that contributes to the aggravation of the situation."


The Palestinian government headed by Abbas pays generous stipends to terrorists, and their families, who commit attacks against Israelis.


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