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Ten great places to enjoy a good sandwich, part 2
Review: Our second installment of recommendations for the most common of meals—the sandwich! The list includes kosher restaurants, including one 100% vegan, and ethnic variations on sandwiches: French crepes and Mexican burritos/tacos.

In part two of our best sandwiches review, what follows is a compilation of recommended places that either specialize in sandwiches, or whose menus (in English) feature dedicated sandwich sections. They are not ranked, but listed in alphabetical order. The price ranges refer to sandwiches only (although frequently they come with extras). This installment also includes kosher restaurants—including one that is 100% vegan—and ethnic variations on sandwiches: French crepes and Mexican burritos/tacos.




Ambiance: A true steakhouse feel, furnished indoors in handsome dark wood and leather chairs, with a large al fresco area on the expansive plaza situated between HaHashmonaim and Ha’arba’a Streets.


Beverages: Specialty cocktails, a full bar, wine, soft drinks, hot drinks


Sandwiches: Listed under the category heading Angus Decadent Sandwiches, these hero-type sandwiches were introduced recently as part of the restaurant’s revised menu, featuring lighter dishes and more vegan options. The five sandwiches cover all the meat bases: beef, lamb, veal sausage and ground beef.




Recommended are the Philly cheese steak—thinly sliced Angus steak seared on the grill, with charred onion, smoked paprika, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and 1000 islands dressing—and the Asado: slow-cooked deboned short rib, with guacamole, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.


Other menu items and desserts: The overall menu is fairly large, comprising appetizers, salads, vegan options, chicken dinners, side dishes, and a dedicated burger section.


A separate menu lists seven desserts, four of them chocolate-centric. The house specialty is the Angus kanaffeh; also recommended are the bread pudding with ice cream, and the toffee crunch, which combines chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel.


Price: NIS 49-58


Angus Steakhouse. Not kosher. HaArba’a St. 21, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 771-5733.


Betta Cafe  

Ambiance: Located in a suburban shopping mall, Betta has a comfortable indoor section and a spacious, shady al fresco area. Parking can be a little difficult during the day, but there is plenty of parking in the evenings.


Beverages: There is a separate drinks menu with cocktails, a limited selection of wine and beer, soft drinks and hot drinks.


Sandwiches: The seven sandwiches listed on the main menu are served on a choice of French country bread (not baguette) or multi-grain bread. There one vegan sandwich, and one called a health sandwich. The list of main courses also includes beef patties (not hamburgers) on bread rolls.


Betta Cafe
Betta Cafe


Recommended are the along with ricotta salata with parsley pesto, black olives, lettuce and greens, and the aforementioned beef patties with spicy mayonnaise on ciabatta-style rolls.


Other menu items and desserts: The full menu reflects three meals a day, with the afternoon and evening menus comprising first courses, pastas, main courses and salads.


A separate menu lists a variety of desserts, including gluten-free options. A good choice is the carrot cake, even though it does not have the traditional cream cheese icing.


Price: NIS 42-72. There is a discount of 10 percent during business lunch hours, Sunday to Thursday, 12pm-4pm.


Beta Caffe. Not kosher. Brodetsky St. 17, Ramat Aviv. Tel. 1-700-700-937.



Ambiance: A storefront on a busy street with a few seats indoors and al fresco seating on the sidewalk. All crepes are made to order in full view.


Beverages: A full bar for shots, wine, beer and cider in bottles and on tap, soft drinks, hot drinks


Crepes: The crepes are all made from scratch with gluten-free, vegan buckwheat batter. There are 14 savory crepes in four categories: vegan, cheese, fish and meat with cheese. Additional extra fillings can create dozens of combinations.




Recommended crepes: artichoke with creme fraiche, sun-dried tomatoes, green onion, peppers and arugula; lamb bacon, smoked cheddar, emmental, spinach, potatoes onions garlic, chili and arugula.


Other menu items and desserts: There is a vegetable plate that comes with the business lunch, as well as children’s crepes.


The desserts here are sweet crepes (made with wheat flour), and there are as many as the savory variety, plus a choice of eight toppings. The nutella is the most popular.


Price: NIS 34-44. Children’s crepe, NIS 26. Worthwhile benefits for loyalty club members.


Brettone. Not kosher. Ibn Gvirol St. 52, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 635-8221


Chicho Moroccan Sandwiches 

Ambiance: A handsome booth on the main floor of Sarona Market. The kitchen is visible from the stools along the surrounding counter.


Beverages: Soft drinks made with homemade syrups; the flavors are pineapple, apricot, and grape.


Sandwiches: There are six varieties of tavshilim (cooked fillings), served on Moroccan frena bread: lamb, chicken, beef, salmon, fish balls, and a vegan veggie fritter.


Chicho Moroccan Sandwiches  (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)
Chicho Moroccan Sandwiches (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)


Recommended are the lamb and chicken, with Chicho’s assortment of condiments.


Other menu items and desserts: A side salad of lettuce and olives, dressed with a citrus vinaigrette, and topped with an assortment of seeds.


Chicho serves no desserts, but plenty are available at neighboring stalls.


Price: NIS 38 for medium-sized sandwiches, NIS 45 for large. The price includes the aforementioned side salad and a soft drink (with free refills).


Chicho. Kosher. Sarona Market, Kalman Magen 3, Tel Aviv. Tel. 1-700-502-545



Ambiance: A funky place playing classic rock in the heart of Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda market. There is a tiny indoor space, with a high table in the alleyway outside.


Beverages: Five beers brewed by the house, specialty cocktails, soft drinks


Sandwiches: The sandwich section, which takes center stage on the one-page menu, comprises four sandwiches—all original creations—served on hoagie rolls baked on the premises. The section titled Sausages lists three more sandwiches, and one of the appetizers is meatball sliders.




Recommended are the Nashville Hot Chicken—fried chicken with spicy coleslaw—and the corned beef sandwich with a vegan cheese sauce and fried egg.


Other menu items and desserts: There are seven dishes itemized under the heading Openers, including the popular Buffalo Wings.


There is only one dessert, but it is unique: a chocolate chip cookie made with beef tallow and studded with potato chips.


Price: NIS 44-72.


Hatch. Kosher (mehadrin). HaEgoz St. 28, Jerusalem. Tel. (02) 679-6222.


Jacob’s Bakery  

Ambiance: This bakery in a suburban industrial shopping district has an entire wall of windows, so it is nice and bright. The handmade breads contain no added sugar, oil, eggs or artificial preservatives. There are tastings of breads, dips, cake and cookies.


Beverages: Fresh squeezed juices, soft drinks, hot drinks


Sandwiches: There are 10 on the menu, made with a variety of freshly baked breads, plus one miniature breakfast sandwich. The English menu is in preparation; meanwhile, the manager speaks excellent English. All sandwiches are served with olives.


Jacob’s Bakery
Jacob’s Bakery


Some of the sandwiches are pre-made and wrapped in plastic, while others are made to order. Recommended are the Brie with aioli, pears roasted in honey and spices, toasted walnuts, and sprouts on baguette, and the “workers’” sandwich: omelette, red pepper spread, tehina, tomato and cucumber.


Other menu items and desserts: In addition to full breakfasts served all day, there are quiches, salads and kids’ meals.


Naturally, there is a large selection of pastries, cakes, and cookies, both to eat there and packaged to take away.


Price: NIS 36.-44


Jacob’s Bakery. Kosher (not certified) Haroshet St. 19, Ramat HaSharon. Tel. (03 549-1000



Ambiance: A neighborhood bistro on a quieter part of Frishman Street, just a block from Rabin Square. There are seating areas indoors and on the sidewalk, furnished with simple but substantial wooden furniture.


Beverages: Juices, hot drinks, full bar, wine, beer, soft drinks, hot drinks


Sandwiches: The lengthy sandwich section, with no fewer than 18 entries, is titled Panini; the hot and cold panini all have Italian names. There are also several open-faced sandwiches, as well as three grilled sandwiches (tramenzini), in the Starters section. The panini are served with side salads dressed with a citrus vinaigrette.


Recommended are the smoked salmon carpaccio, the Manchinni—smoked goose, goat cheese, honey, sliced pear and arugula—and the Luca Toni, featuring marinated small shrimps.




Other menu items and desserts: The menu is quite extensive, comprising the following other sections: Starters (with four subsections), Soups, Salads, Pastas and Hot Dishes.


The nine desserts include both familiar choices and house specialties.


Price: NIS 28-56. Half-panini are also available, at reduced prices.


Lilush. Not kosher. Frishman Street 73, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 529-1852


Mexicana Grill 

Ambiance: A colorful stand near one of the entrances to Sarona Market, with only three stools at counter seating, although there are tables down the corridor inside the building.


Beverages: Frozen margaritas, one brand of beer, soft drinks, Mexican juices


Burritos: The Mexican versions of a sandwich are made with tortillas, flat bread from wheat or corn flour. The large tortilla wrap, or roll, is called a burrito, while the smaller iteration is a taco. The menu lists five kinds of burrito and four kinds of taco (the same fillings for both, including the one vegan option).


Mexicana Grill  (Photo: Adam Shiraz)
Mexicana Grill (Photo: Adam Shiraz)


Recommended are the barbacoa (slow-cooked beef) burrito and the grilled chicken soft taco. Burritos can be ordered with guacamole, cheddar cheese and sour cream included in the wrap.


Other menu items and desserts: There are two Specials, chicken salad and nachos; Quesadillas; and Mexican side dishes. There is also a children's meal.


There is only one dessert: churros (crullers) drizzled liberally with chocolate sauce.


Prices: Burritos, NIS 39-46; Tacos, NIS 23-29


Mexicana Grill. Not kosher. Sarona Market, Kalman Magen 3, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 696-0616



Nununu - Dirty Dining 

Ambiance: A brand-new fast food place with very limited seating, on backless stools at narrow counters. Loud dance music blares throughout the small space.


Beverages: Soft drinks, one brand of bottled beer (San Miguel)


Sandwiches: The entire menu consists of six grilled milk bun sandwiches, one each containing fillings representing meat, fish, chicken, seafood, sausage and vegetarian. (On weekends, there may be an extra daily special.) There can be nothing vegan on the menu, since there is milk in the bread.


Nununu - Dirty Dining (Photo: Gal Zehavi)
Nununu - Dirty Dining (Photo: Gal Zehavi)


Recommended are the slow-cooked shredded beef, and the mac and cheese.


Other menu items and desserts: There are five side dishes, of the kind often served with hamburgers. The sweet potato fries are good, if overly seasoned, and the coleslaw pleasantly zesty.


There are only two desserts, both also sandwiches: cheesecake topped with a berry sauce, and hazelnut ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and crowned with a marshmallow.


Price: NIS 28-45


Nununu. Not kosher. Herzl St. 16, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 945-3111


Tal’s Bagels

Ambiance: A spacious, brightly lit eatery with plenty of al fresco seating on the wide sidewalk, it has the feel of a real New York deli, displaying lots of salads (all available to purchase by weight and take home). The bagels are boiled and baked fresh daily (never frozen) and contain no preservatives. The English menu is available upon request.


Beverages: Fresh squeezed juices, soft drinks, hot drinks.


Sandwiches: Choose from numerous deli meats, smoked fish, hard and soft domestic and imported cheeses, salads and/or spreads to put on nine varieties of bagels. There is also a breakfast sandwich served until 11am.


Tal’s Bagels
Tal’s Bagels


Recommended are the house sandwich (lox, cream cheese, omelette, lettuce and tomato), the homemade roast beef (made from entrecôte), and the smoked trout spread.


Other menu items and desserts: There is an extensive menu, comprising breakfasts, quiches, calzones, a salad bar (served from 10am to 4pm), discounted business lunches, and soups in winter.


Similarly, there is a tempting selection of baked goods for dessert: cookies, pastries, muffins and the restaurant’s signature mousse cakes and poppyseed loaf.


Price: NIS 28-44. (A dozen assorted plain bagels includes two free, for a total of NIS 55).


Tal’s Bagels. Not kosher. Carlebach St. 41, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 561-0564


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