Israel's UN envoy: European allies must fight anti-Semitism

JERUSALEM -- Israel's ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday that the country appreciates the support of its newfound allies in eastern Europe but expects "stronger actions" from them when it comes to their stance against anti-Semitism.


Danny Danon said the former communist nations have played a key role in blocking anti-Israel measures in the European Union and other international forums. But he said they had to improve their approach toward Jews and accurately portray the memory of the Holocaust.


"When we meet them, we tell them: 'We are grateful for your involvement. We want to continue the cooperation. But at the same time when it comes to domestic issues, you have to take stronger action,'" he told reporters in Jerusalem. "We do expect stronger actions when it comes to anti-Semitism."


Danon is in Israel heading a delegation of fellow ambassadors to the U.N. after making a stop with them in Poland. Along with Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary and others, it is among those swept up in a wave of World War II-era revisionism that seeks to diminish their culpability in the Holocaust while making heroes out of anti-Soviet nationalists involved in the mass killing of Jews.


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