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PM; Kushner
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Trump peace proposal inflaming the Right

Following remarks by Jared Kushner regarding Trump peace proposal, Bennett accuses Likud of seeking coalition with Lapid-Gantz to enact the plan; Likud responds: ‘New Right’ will result in left wing government.

After Jared Kushner, adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, made some revealing statements about the much-discussed Trump peace plan on Monday, New Right Party is trading barbs with the Likud regarding the possibility that Trump will pressure Israel into allowing a Palestinian state.



Kushner told Sky News Monday that the proposed plan is not very different from what has been discussed over the last 25 years and that they tried to find original solutions to the issues. He said that the plan will have an economic impact on Israel and the Palestinians as well as the entire region. Kushner added that the plan sought to unite the West Bank and Gaza Strip under a single leadership so as to allow the Palestinian people to live the life they aspire to.


Netanyahu; Bennett and Shaked
Netanyahu; Bennett and Shaked

“Kushner’s words confirm what we already know — that the day following the elections the Americans will push a Netanyahu-Gantz-Lapid government into allowing the establishment of a Palestinian state along Highway 6 (near the Green Line) as well as the division of Jerusalem and Netanyahu will have to make concession,” said Naftali Bennett.


The Likud responded furiously. The primary battle of the elections, between the Likud and Gantz’s Blue and White Party has been sidelined as the two right wing parties exchanged accusations.


The public statements are now being backed up by anonymous videos uploaded online attacking Netanyahu and portraying him as weak and vulnerable to international pressure.


Other videos attack the New Right Party accusing party member Alona Barakat of financially supporting the Gaza Disengagement and other accusations. The Likud denies involvement.


Netanyahu and Kushner (Photo: US Embassy)
Netanyahu and Kushner (Photo: US Embassy)


“There is a clear and immediate danger in front of our eyes: the establishment of a Palestinian state. The issue for the upcoming elections is either the Right or Palestine,” Bennett said. “Netanyahu and Trump have been coordinating between themselves regarding the right moment to disclose the plan… The Lapid-Gantz leftist party will creep towards the coalition too and there is only one way to prevent that from happening and that is a strong New Right that will recommend Netanyahu for prime minister but will also put pressure to prevent Palestine.”


Bennett’s comments elicited a harsh response from the Likud: “When Bennett and Shaked established the New Right Party, they said that they were trying to siphon votes from Lapid and Gantz in order to increase the right wing bloc and that they won’t engage in friendly fire. Now they are making false accusations against the Likud in order to draw votes away from the Likud and this will allow for the rise of a leftist government by Lapid-Gantz.”


A Likud spokesperson also accused the New Right of engaging in talks with Lapid-Gantz regarding joining them after the elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said unequivocally that he will establish a right wing government. PM Netanyahu watched over the Land and the State of Israel in the face of the unfriendly Obama administration and he will continue to do so in the face of the supportive Trump administration.”


The New Right responded by calling the Likud announcement “fake news” and nonsense, insisting that only they can prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.





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