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Poll finds Americans love Israel, not its government
A Pew research survey found that far more Americans favor Israelis than their government; support for Israel among Republicans is higher than among Democrats and most have negative view of the PA

A survey in the United States found that most Americans, 64%, have a positive opinion regarding Israeli society. However, only 41% of those surveyed had a positive view on the Israeli government; 51% have a negative view.



The survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center during the first half of April and included 10,523 people. The survey demonstrated a stark difference in how Republican and Democratic voters view Israel. 77% of Republicans support Israel while among Democrats that number is 57%.


Trump and Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)
Trump and Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)

Regarding opinions on the government, the gap was even wider: 61% of Republicans support the Israeli government while only 32% of Democrats said they do. Two thirds of Democrats have a negative opinion regarding Israel's government, compared to 26% of Republicans polled.


US and Israeli flags in Jerusalem (Photo: AFP)
US and Israeli flags in Jerusalem (Photo: AFP)


More Democrats view the Palestinians favorably than Republicans, 58% versus 32%. Voters of both parties have strongly negative views of the Palestinian government — 81% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats.


Overall, 46% of Americans said they supported the Palestinians while only 19% said they supported their government.


Abbas in Cairo (Photo: Associated Press)
Abbas in Cairo (Photo: Associated Press)


Ahead of the yet-to-be unveiled Trump peace plan, half of those polled thought that the president would be able to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians and 34% said they felt that Trump is more inclined to support Israel, compared to 6% who view Trump as somewhat hostile to Israel.


79% of Republicans believe that Trump treats both sides equally while among Democrats, 54% said that the president is biased in Israel's favor.


Most Democrats who consider themselves to be liberals —66% —believe that Trump is very biased toward Israel, while among more moderate Democrats, 43% said that Trump is biased and 38$ said that his approach is balanced.



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