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סבב התייעצויות נשיא ראובן ריבלין הרכבה ממשלה המלצה ראש ממשלה ירושלים העבודה עבודה
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The torch is now passed on to the younger generation
Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, in an open letter tells young participants, in the 'march of the living' you are our future
My dear young boys and girls, Youth from around the world, future leaders.



74 years have passed since the gates of hell were shut and the ovens of Auschwitz extinguished.


President Reuven Rivlin
President Reuven Rivlin

Auschwitz as a symbol of the Holocaust, the darkest, most monstrous event in human history. Six million Jews, a third of the Jewish people – were tortured, starved, slaughtered, burned and wiped off the face of the earth, in the Holocaust.

1.5 million of them babies and children whose only crime was being Jewish.


The holocaust was horrible low point for humanity and the worst crisis in Jewish history.

Never have the Jewish people been in such danger of annihilation.


Today it is clear the Nazi destruction machine would not have succeeded in their horrific scheme, unless it was constructed on a foundation of hate-filled anti-Semitism, of Europe. The Nazi's were not alone. They were aided by others, from other nations.


Anti-Semitism remains a deep-rooted disease. It did not begin with Hitler and did not end when World War II did. It can be found anywhere; in the right and in the left, supported by nationalism or religion, manifested by hate towards Jews or by de-legitimizing the existence of the state of Israel.


Neo Nazi march, Bulgaria
Neo Nazi march, Bulgaria

In recent years we are again witnessing, the rise of hate crimes against Jews, furthermore, we now see the denial of the Holocaust, and the loss of its memory.


Half of all young people around the world, have never heard of Auschwitz. Many others know very little about the Holocaust.

A cry must come out of Auschwitz as the biggest manufacturer of death, where our innocent brothers and sisters were burned alive.

A cry to end anti-Semitism, bigotry and hate.


concentration camp inmates upon release (Photo: Reuters)
concentration camp inmates upon release (Photo: Reuters)


Fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of racism must be the common goal of humanity in its entirety.

It must be a strong and unequivocal fight.


We must invest in education, commemoration and history, if our promise of 'never again' is to be kept.

Holocaust survivors are fewer in number now. Within one generation, there will be none left to testify to what they have seen with their own eyes.


The commemorative torch is now passed-on to you, the younger generation. You are our future. You are our future leaders, scientists, athletes and intellectuals. In each of you lives the spirit of leadership, creativity and hope.



We are counting on you to create a better, more tolerant and more compassionate world. A world that will love people, where the state of Israel can flourish in peace and security.


As you take part in the 'March of the Living', remember you are marching from Auschwitz to Jerusalem, from the Holocaust to resurrection




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