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President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu
Photo: Reuters
Orly Azoulay

Trump put all of his eggs in Netanyahu's basket

Analysis: Netanyahu and Trump are cut from the same cloth - both manipulate their voters, creating a new world disorder, and the president wants to see his loyal ally hold on to power

Unlike American media's limited interest in Israel's political circus, the White House was paying close attention to events unfolding in Jerusalem late Wednesday evening.



U.S. President Donald Trump has a personal interest in both Israel and its current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Reuters)
Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Reuters)


With his long awaited "Deal of the Century" Mideast peace plan soon to be rolled out, Israeli politics is of great importance. No less important is Trump's personal investment in Netanyahu, whom he openly admires.


And Netanyahu has taken full advantage of this admiration. There is no case in recent history of a foreign leader so successfully wrapping an American president around his little finger.


Netanyahu has managed to maneuver Trump out of the Iran nuclear deal and even articulated a Mideast peace plan for him that completely ignores Palestinian political aspirations.


Trump admires the prime minister, but the feeling is not entirely mutual.


Donald Trump campaigning in Pennsylvania (Photo: AFP)
Donald Trump campaigning in Pennsylvania (Photo: AFP)


Netanyahu sees Trump for what he is: ignorant and reliant on others for an understanding of historic context and processes. But still he remains one of the few leaders in the enlightened world willing to praise the American president at every turn.


It is not surprising, therefore, that in the midst of all the political chaos in Jerusalem this week, Trump posted his support for Netanyahu on Twitter, adding that they still have "a lot more to do" together.


Trump, who enjoys being a disrupter, has a thing or two to learn from his Israeli friend in that regard.



Netanyahu invented Trumpism long before Trump entered politics. His voters have been the disenfranchised, lower socioeconomic classes who idolize him, just like Trump in 2016. Both put themselves above country, and using subterfuge, they create a new world disorder.


Trump hopes to see Netanyahu continue to lead Israel. He has given the prime minister everything possible: recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, recognition of Israeli sovereignty of the Golan Heights, and support for annexation of parts of the West Bank.


Now was to be the time for Netanyahu to reciprocate.


The prime minister can help Trump's Mideast peace deal, perhaps delivering him the coveted Nobel Peace Prize won by his predecessor Barack Obama.


The economic workshop in Bahrain to be convened next month will unveil the first part of Trump's "Deal of the Century". The president wants Netanyahu at the helm of an Israeli government, ensuring he receives international recognition for his troubles.


Always the businessman, Trump expects his investments to now yield some dividends. 


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