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Netflix raising its prices in Israel
Online streaming company hiking charges for all three subscription packages by 22%; new prices will be set between NIS 32.90-60.90 per month; company recently increased charges in UK too, but Israelis still paying more

Online streaming service Netflix is hiking its charges for all of its three subscription packages in Israel by up to 22%.



The new prices will be set between NIS 32.90 to NIS 60.90 shekels per month, depending on the package. The company recently increased its charges in the UK too, but Israelis are still paying more.


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How much will Israelis pay for Netflix?

The price for a basic Netflix subscription, which includes being able to stream to one device

simultaneously in standard format, is NIS 29.90. This price will go up by 10%, making it cost NIS 32.90 for the cheapest subscription.


The second package, a standard Netflix subscription which includes high definition streaming on two devices simultaneously currently costs NIS 39.90. This price will rise by 17.5% making the standard subscription cost NIS 46.90.


The third and premium package, letting you view in ultra high definition on four different devices simultaneously, currently cost NIS 49.90. The new price will include a 22% raise of NIS 11 , making the premium subscription cost NIS 60.90.


Although these subscription prices are still lower than what Israeli television companies have to offer. For example, Partner TV offers a basic subscription package for NIS 69, but we're still paying more for Netflix than our friends over in the UK.


How much are they paying in the UK?

Even though the price for a British Netflix subscription has gone up since May 30, we're still paying more by NIS 6.5. A premium Netflix account in the UK will cost you £11.99 (NIS 54.40), up by 20% from £9.99 (NIS 45.30). This raise in price is still less than the hike we will see here in Israel.


A standard Netflix subscription in the UK will cost you £8.99 (NIS 40.8). This is a £1 raise from the old price of £7.99 (NIS 36.30), which translates to  12.3% raise. While the increase is still higher than our standard subscription here in Israel, we're still paying NIS 6.10 more for a standard package.


Unlike Israel, in the UK the price of a basic Netflix subscription will cost the same as it has always been, with a price of £5.99 or NIS 27.20. This is a 20% difference in what we pay per month for a basic subscription in Israel.


Netflix said in respond that the price hike is designed to fund new projects of its viewers.


"We're slowly changing our subscription price to compensate the various shows and movies we produce, as well as making the platform better,," the company said.


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