Fireworks launched at police in East Jerusalem

Palestinians: 95 wounded in East Jerusalem clashes over weekend

Palestinian rioters hurl rocks and launch explosives at Israeli security forces for third day in a row in protest over the fatal shooting of 20-year-old man from the neighborhood of Issawiya

At least 95 people were wounded and 20 others had been arrested over the weekend in East Jerusalem as the clashes which were sparked last Thursday over the killing of a Palestinian man by Israeli security forces, show no signs of slowing down.



On Saturday evening, the rioters threw rocks and launched fireworks at the police forces, who in turn responded with crowd dispersal measures, which included stun grenades and sponge-tipped bullets. The Red Crescent medical service says 15 people were hurt by rubber bullets fired by police. On Friday, at least 80 people were wounded during the clashes.


Fireworks launched at police in East J'lem

Fireworks launched at police in East J'lem   (ללא קרדיט מחסן שעלאן)


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The 20-year-old Mohammed Obeid from an East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya was fatally shot late Thursday by the police, who claim he hurled stones and explosives at the security forces.


Israel Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, said an officer, acting in self-defense, shot a suspect who launched firecrackers toward police at “extremely close range.”


Fireworks launched at police in East Jerusalem
Fireworks launched at police in East Jerusalem


Palestinians, however, claim the police attacked them after a peaceful rally against police brutality in East Jerusalem. Forty-nine-year-old witness Abed Zamzam said Obeid was shot after Thursday’s prayers when Israeli security forces - who were patrolling a rally of several hundred Palestinians in Issawiya - started beating local residents.


Mohammed Abu Homus, a community leader, say the family is demanding an autopsy. The family has also asked a court to order the release of Obeid's body.


20-year-old Mohammed Obeid
20-year-old Mohammed Obeid


Ahmad, a resident of the neighborhood, has laid the blame for the situation firmly on the police. “The police don’t leave the neighborhood, which causes anger and frustration, if they remain in the area, many young people will take to the streets,” he said.


"The police should stop lying that the victim endangered their lives, he was murdered in cold blood," he added.


Associated Press contributed to this report


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