S. suspected in Human trafficking case
Human trafficking case deliberated in Family Matters Court
S. who is often appointed by courts as legal guardian of people with diminished capacity, is alleged to have kidnapped a young pregnant woman and arranged an adoption now being questioned, along with several other smilar cases; well-known ultra-Orthodox individuals suspected to have been involved
The Family Matters Court partially lifted a gag order imposed earlier on a human trafficking case in litigation for the past three years.



A woman who was in a frail mental state was taken to the United States in 2017, in the late stages of her pregnancy and after delivering a baby, he was adopted into an Israeli family without her consent, according to an investigative report conducted by Ynet and its sister publication Yediot Aharonot.


S. suspected in Human trafficking case
S. suspected in Human trafficking case


The adoption was allegedly organized by the woman's court appointed guardian from a city in the north of the country, who was said to have arranged the adoption and was on hand when the baby was given to the adoptive parents.


Police believe this was not an isolated incident and that the guardian identified only as S. arranged other adoptions in the same manner, after taking young ultra-Orthodox women abroad and handing over their babies following delivery.


Court files in human trafficking case
Court files in human trafficking case


In the three years since the incident was first investigated, a gag order has been in placed and periodically renewed protecting the identity of suspects and the mother involved as well as that of the child who now resides with his adoptive parents in Israel.


According to Yael (her real name is under the gag order) when eight months pregnant, she was taking to the United States and kept under lock and key in an apartment. Her court appointed guardian was not on hand for her delivery but after hospital staff was concerned about the emotional capacity of the mother-to-be, S arrived and provided papers proving her authority to act on behalf of the young mother laying any concerns the hospital had to rest. Three months later the adoption was approved by the local court.


Yael, who's baby was taken from her.
Yael, who's baby was taken from her.


The Family Matters Court is deliberating the legality of the adoption, while the adoptive parents were unaware the mother had not given her consent, and ultimately who will have final custody of the child.


Police have been investigation the allegations for the past three years with the help of the international unit of the department and legal experts abroad.


In the course of the past year, suspects have been questioned about their involvement. Some, including S. have been detained. She was released under certain restriction while the investigation continues. S. denies any wrongdoing.


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