U.S. Mid-East envoy Greenblatt says Washington to unveil peace plan ‘at the right time'

Departing U.S. special envoy Jason Greenblatt said on Thursday in an interview with the Al-Arabia Network that the current time is inappropriate for the publication of the Trump administration's peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians, also known as "the deal of the century", given the delay in the Israeli government’s coalition formation process.


Greenblatt expressed his hope that the program would be published at a later time when the conditions for it ripen, as great efforts were made in its preparation.


“The Israeli government coalition formation process in Israel is winding through a very long road," said Greenblatt. "We don’t think it’s wise to unveil the peace plan now, but our hope is that at the right time and when conditions are right to unveil it, the White House will unveil it".


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