Photo: Galit Kosovsky
Suspected of photographing military facilities
Photo: Galit Kosovsky
Bedouin suspected of spying for Hizbullah
Israeli citizen living abroad caught two and a half weeks ago photographing military facilities on northern border. In his interrogation he claims, 'I was photographing landscape'
Cleared for publication: An Israeli citizen, a Bedouin residing abroad, was arrested two and a half weeks ago on suspicion of spying for Hizbullah. The Akko Magistrates Court extended his remand by four days, but has yet to decided whether to indict him.


The suspect, Razi Salah, 48, was arrested by police officers in the Galilee after he was caught photographing vital military facilities
west of the northern border. Salah, who has both an Israeli and Canadian citizenship, was taken into interrogation by the Shin Bet.


The head of the preliminary inquiry unit, Chief Inspector Yoram Azoulay, said the suspect denied his charges and said he was a Canadian tourist who just wanted to photograph the scenery. His interrogation revealed that he originated from Nazereth, where his family resides.


Security forces are now investigating whether he sent the information and the photos he acquired to Hizbullah.


Last year, two Western Galilee residents were charged on suspicion of crossing the border to Lebanon, being arrested by Hizbullah and giving the organization information on facilities and communities in the north. One of them was sentenced for a two-year prison term, while the second man's trial is still going on.


About a month and a half ago, a special military court sentenced Lieutenant Colonel Omar al-Hayeb, convicted of severe espionage and contact with a Hizbullah agent, to 15 years in prison.


Al-Hayeb was found guilty of severe espionage and contact with a foreign agent, and of two other drug trafficking offenses. He was, however, acquitted of another drug dealing offense and of treason charges.


The judges ruled al-Hayeb's version was false and synthetic. One judge said the officer cannot be convicted of espionage, but other judges disagreed.


Efrat Weiss contibuted to the report


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