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Halutz Resignation

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Gabi Ashkenazi
Photo: Shalom Bar Tal
We need humane army chief
New chief of staff must prepare army for war, but also stress moral values
Yael Dayan
Ashkenazi's real test
Patience, perseverance pay off, but new army chief now has to deliver
Ron Ben Yishai
This is not accountability
Halutz may undeservingly turn into model of personal example
Ariana Melamed
Arab world salutes Halutz
Arab talkbacks show admiration for army chief's decision, slam Hizbullah
Guy Bechor
Be like Halutz
We want politicians to be like army chief, show accountability for their actions
Guy Benyovits
The 'Halutz Effect'
Politicians waiting for dust to settle in wake of IDF chief of staff's
Attila Somfalvi
Thank you and goodbye
We should thank Dan Halutz, an extraordinary man with exceptional qualities
Eitan Haber
The day Halutz broke
Halutz's resignation may mark his desire to become accuser instead of accused
Alex Fishman
One investigation too many
Halutz quits after realizing he was unable to regain public's trust
Ron Ben Yishai

Full coverage
Committee approves IDF chief appointment
Tirkel Committee, body that authorizes appointments to public service, finds no
Aviram Zino (15:44 , 01.29.07 )
Halutz testifies before Winograd Committee
Outgoing army chief's testimony opens significant week for committee probing
Aviram Zino (09:04 , 01.28.07 )
Tirkel committee to determine Ashkenazi's fate
Gov't won't ok appointment of chief of staff until committee led by ex-High
Hanan Greenberg (04:30 , 01.28.07 )
State against delay in IDF chief appointment
Prosecutor’s Office tells High Court, ‘Considering Israel’s current security
Aviram Zino (13:22 , 01.26.07 )
Olmert, General Staff discuss war lessons
Major findings of various investigation teams, including those of former IDF
Ronny Sofer (20:13 , 01.25.07 )
Labor officials say Peretz to gain from
Peretz’s supporters optimistic after defense minister’s choice of Gabi Ashkenazi
Attila Somfalvi (00:54 , 01.23.07 )
Petition: Wait with appointing new army chief
Movement for Quality Government in Israel petitions High Court of Justice,
Aviram Zino (10:39 , 01.22.07 )
IDF brass praises chief of staff candidate
Olmert’s aides hint that approval of Defense Ministry director general's
Hanan Greenberg (01:50 , 01.22.07 )
Lebanese paper: Don't buy Nasrallah's claims
Al-Mustaqbal newspaper criticizes Hizbullah leader's victory statements
Roee Nahmias (23:28 , 01.20.07 )
Nasrallah: Halutz’ resignation filled me with
Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah responds to IDF chief’s resignation
Roee Nahmias (23:57 , 01.19.07 )
Netanyahu: We need army chief who can face Iran
Prime Minister Olmert initiates round of consultations on appointing new chief
Ynet (16:33 , 01.18.07 )
Peres on Halutz resignation: Stop being
Vice premier downplays significance of chief of staff's resignation, says 'When
Roee Nahmias (14:37 , 01.18.07 )
Former general: Appoint interim army chief
Daniel Rothschild says, 'Army will not come to a halt without permanent chief of
Moran Rada (13:33 , 01.18.07 )
Livni: Halutz resignation admirable
Foreign minister tells Tokyo press conference IDF chief's move ' demands high
Iris Georlette (09:54 , 01.18.07 )
Who will be the next chief of staff?
Senior security officials, including Halutz, will meet Thursday to discuss
Hanan Greenberg (03:20 , 01.18.07 )
Winograd Commission: PM didn't ask us about
Members of committee probing war refuse to answer questions regarding IDF
Aviram Zino (21:49 , 01.17.07 )
Haifa rally: Halutz also failed in returning
Hundreds participate in Haifa University rally to mark six months since
Ahiya Raved (17:05 , 01.17.07 )
Peretz holds consultations for next IDF chief
Defense Minister Peretz begins meetings to select IDF's 19th chief of staff.
Hanan Greenberg (15:53 , 01.17.07 )
Olmert: I lament Halutz's resignation
Prime minister says deeply regrets IDF chief of staff's resignation, states
Ynet reporters (13:39 , 01.17.07 )
Bereaved parents: Halutz resignation no
Parents of soldiers who were killed during Lebanon war say army chief's
Moran Rada (13:08 , 01.17.07 )
Hizbullah: Halutz's resignation due to war
Hizbullah's television network al-Manar reports of Chief of Staff Dan Halutz's
Roee Nahmias (12:47 , 01.17.07 )
Evacuees: Halutz paying for pullout
Gush Katif evacuees satisfied with army chief's resignation, say all those who
Shmulik Hadad (11:03 , 01.17.07 )
MKs: Form emergency government
Commotion in political system in wake of army chief's resignation. MKs urge
Attila Somfalvi (09:36 , 01.17.07 )
Halutz to generals: You must lead IDF forward
Resigning IDF chief of staff meets with General Staff at Kirya Base in Tel Aviv
Hanan Greenberg (09:01 , 01.17.07 )
Peretz's associates fear 'domino effect'
Sources close to defense minister concerned army chief's resignation may prompt
Attila Somfalvi (08:13 , 01.17.07 )
IDF Chief Halutz resigns
IDF Spokesperson's Office says chief of staff announced his resignation; PM
Hanan Greenberg (07:41 , 01.17.07 )
Candidates for replacing Halutz: Kaplinsky,
After chief of staff announces his resignation, military officials estimate that
Hanan Greenberg (03:54 , 01.17.07 )
Ynet presents: Halutz's full letter of
Ynet presents Dan Halutz's full letter of resignation as it was presented to
Ynet (02:51 , 01.17.07 )

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Gabi Ashkenazi as Chief of Staff means:
Hope. Finally a chance for peace
Nothing. Things will never change
Decline. He's no Halutz
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