IAF strike on Gaza
Photo: Reuters
Gaza: Palestinians say 5 killed in IAF attack
(Video) Five members of Hamas special security forces killed when Israeli Air Force strikes post in Gaza City's Zeitoun neighborhood, Palestinian sources say
VIDEO - Five members of the Hamas special security forces were killed Saturday when the Israeli Air Force struck their post in Gaza City's Zeitoun neighborhood, Palestinian sources said. Another 18 people were wounded.


IDF attack in Gaza (video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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According to the report the IDF fired at three additional Hamas targets in the strip in Gaza City, Tul-Sultan in Rafiah and Khan Younis.


The army confirmed that the air force struck two targets in Gaza City plus an additional target in southern Gaza. All of the targets were posts belonging to Hamas.


Sources in Gaza said all five of the casualties were members of the Hamas special security force.


Palestinians feared there were more victims trapped underneath the rubble of the building. So far 18 wounded people were extracted from the ruins. Heavy smoke covered the area.


Haniyeh: 'Moral bankruptcy'

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh addressed the Israeli army's continued attacks in the Gaza Strip, saying, "The bombardments indicate Israel's national and security crisis and moral bankruptcy. The IDF attacks will fail against the unity and resistance of the Palestinian people."


One of the attacks Friday night hit a guard post opposite Haniyeh's home. Haniyeh called on Palestinian residents of the strip to maintain alertness against the air raids.


Saturday's air force strikes follow six aerial bombardments of Gaza Strip targets Friday night. Earlier Friday two Palestinians were killed and six others wounded when the air force fired a missile at a vehicle occupied by Hamas operatives involved in carrying out Qassam rocket attacks against Israel.


First published: 26.05.07, 12:06
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