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    IEC: Heat wave may cause blackouts
    Israel Electric Corporation warns of a possible 'electricity drought' this week and is urging the public to make sure that generators and alarm bells in elevators are working

    Recent concerns about a possible electricity shortage could become a reality this week. The Israel Electric Corporation has warned that the impending heat wave is expected to cause a spike in electricity consumption and a possible "electricity drought."


    The weather forecast calls for a heavy heat wave until Thursday, July 19. The IEC said that it expects electricity demand to reach 11,500 megawatts on some days, which will sap reserves and cause power blackouts in the event that something interferes with production.


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    Moreover, the IEC plans to take preemptive action and halt the supply to power lines throughout Israel for one-hour periods. The list of areas slated for planned cutoffs can be viewed on the IEC site.


    כדאי לבדוק את פעמון האזעקה במעלית (צילום: אסף רוזן)

    Fire and Rescue: Make sure elevator alarms are working (Photo: Asaf Rozen)


    The IEC is calling on the public to use devices that gobble electricity, such as electric cookers, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers, in the early morning or late evening only and make sure that air conditioners are set at 25 degrees.


    The country's Fire and Rescue Services is urging the public to make sure that building generators and elevator alarm systems are in working order.


    The IEC and the Energy Ministry have been saying for some months that this summer could see electricity outages due to Egypt cutting off Israel's supply of natural gas, which provides energy for the country's power plants.




    Recent action has been taken to allow Israel's power stations to operate on diesel fuel and oil, which both cost more and create more pollution than gas. In addition, using diesel and oil decreases the power plants' efficiency. However, combined with other measures taken by various government entities, the alternate fuels were expected to create a sufficient supply of electricity.



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    The Hadera power plant
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