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Video: IDF officer headbutts Palestinian teen
Officer caught on tape hitting 17-year-old for reasons unclear. B'tselem: Teen's nose broken
An IDF officer was filmed headbutting a 17-year-old Palestinian at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron's Jewish settlement Wednesday night.


According to the B'Tselem human rights group, the incident occurred during an argument in which a group of Palestinian teenagers were ordered to present their IDs at the checkpoint.


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The footage, which was taken by B'Tselem, shows the attacked teenager approaching an officer who is talking on the phone. The officer orders the teenager, Tair Ranam, and his friends to stand beneath a nearby shed, which is out of the camera's view.


Video: Zidan Sharbati, B'tselem    (צילום: זידאן שרבאתי, בצלם)


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The video, which according to B'Tselem was not edited, is cut off, and when it resumes the officer is seen leading Ranam from the shed and into the street. A few seconds later the officer headbutts the teenager, who begins to bleed from his nose.


The officer then leads the teen, who is now handcuffed, to a military jeep, while one of the other soldiers removes the man who videotaped the incident from the scene.


B'Tselem's footage was edited and does not give any insight as to what caused the oficer to act violently.


The rights group said the teenager was taken to a nearby army base and released a short while later. According to B'Tselem, he broke his nose and was treated at a local hospital.




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