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Gaza children with stars of David attached to their clothes
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Our soldiers? Nazis?

Evacuees’ cries of pain invalid due to shameful use of Holocaust during pullout

The pullout has ended. We can already see colors of green, blue and white without having our cars destroyed and Israeli flags burned before our eyes. The mass recruitment of the “orange” pullout objectors by rabbis evoked fear among all those who hold democracy dear.


These pullout objectors slandered the country’s laws and institutions, not to mention their former patron, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


They prayed for the messiah, but even if he would have wanted to come, God would have prevented him from doing so, particularly because of the disgraceful use of the Holocaust on the part of some anti-pullout rabbis.


The anti-pullout protesters humiliated the army that had protected them and served them loyally. They also acted violently against the police.


But worst of all was the use of the use of Holocaust symbols: The prison camp clothing, the stars of David with the word “Jude” written on them, the numbers written on the arm.


This was an unprecedented degradation of the most horrible Jewish tragedy; no anti-Semite could have shamed the Holocaust in a more appalling manner.


'None of them were disinherited or abandoned'


The anti-pullout campaign was not a democratic one. The protesters did not make use of their freedom of speech – it was an attempt to burn the house down; to burn all that is sacred.


How could you call our soldiers and police officers Nazis? How could you, the spoiled and satiated, refer to yourselves as Holocaust victims?


I am not referring to the evacuees’ real problems, although it would be somewhat of a stretch to say the settlers were sent by the state to populate lands outside its jurisdiction. They knew full-well where they were headed, but the government had always given them whatever they wanted while ignoring law and justice.


Even if the Gush Emunim (religious political movement) rabbis and yeshiva students’ painful cries for the lord’s help stemmed from genuine pain, they would be nullified amid the pullout objectors contempt for the Holocaust and the state’s institutions, as well as their vulgar, if not brutal exploitation of the security forces’ restraint.


No Arab child was awarded such gentle treatment; no Palestinian woman about to give birth ever received the same dedication and love bestowed upon the hysterical female teenagers that were sent to thwart the evacuation.


Members of the hesder yeshivas, as well as their rabbis, have a lot of atoning to do this coming Yom Kippur, as none of them are unemployed or starving, and none of them were disinherited or abandoned. They are going back to Israel; back to their sovereign country, where the IDF, police and treasury tend to their every need.


Shame on those who have never shown any empathy for the poor and are now crying out “Holocaust” to express their pain, and shame on us for permitting them to grow among us in such a way.


Shulamit Aloni former left-wing Meretz Party leader


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