Tzohar rabbies at press conference
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Tzohar's alternative kashrut apparatus launched

Rabbinic organization's Supervision Certificates already distributed to many business. Tzohar emphasize they do not wish to challenge the Chief Rabbinate's authority: 'We only wan to help it by implementing the decision its own Shmita committee accepted.' How long will it last?

The Supreme Court's ruling didn't help, the threats materialized: The Tzohar rabbinic organization launched its alternative kashrut apparatus recently. The alternative certificates are already on display in many businesses which practice heter mechira (selling permit).


On Thursday, the Chief Rabbinate Council is scheduled to hold meeting to discuss the High Court's ruling that obliged the Chief Rabbinate according to authorize rabbis to grant kashrut certificates in towns where the local rabbis are unwilling to give a selling permit.


If the Council upholds the High Court's ruling, the crisis will be resolved and Tzohar might decide to hold-off on the alternative apparatus.

This is what the certificate looks like


Four prominent figures - Rabbis Dov Lior, Ya'acov Ariel, Haim Druckman and Tzfania Drori - are mentioned on the Kashrut certificates as "Chairs of the Supervision Committee," and the committee's coordinator, Rabbi David Stav is signed.


Rabbi Stav said that "one of the implications of the decision is that Zionist rabbis decided to take the lead and once again be at the forefront of the state and religion dynamics in Israel."


Tzohar clarifies that they have no intention of replacing or competing with the Chief Rabbinate but only implement its Shmita policy.


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