Rabbi speaks at anti-Arab protest
Photo: Ofer Amram

Academy of hatred

Op-ed: Silence not an option in face of growing hatred, racism on Israel's streets

The landscapers of evil can be reassured: The seeds of racism and hatred are sprouting well and even bearing nice fruit. Following the heartwarming rabbis' letter, which called on the faithful not to rent or sell apartments to Arab citizens, we saw an anti-Arab protest in the city of Bat Yam earlier this week.


It was a classic horror show, with the role of monsters played by the Ismaelites (who have the chutzpa to possess Israeli ID cards.) They walk our streets, shop at our malls, and try to woo our women, thereby apparently tainting our race.


Yet that was just the beginning. Against the backdrop of the polished productions courtesy of the radical, inciting Right, and certainly under the spell of its malignant inspiration, a special elite unit was operating in Israel's capital as of late.


This gang of young Jerusalemites and settlers, most of them teenagers, pulverized random Arabs in God's name. This devilish group, some of whose members already confessed, even employed a temptress, in the spirit of Mossad.


Had this affair not been about hooliganism under an ideological guise and the violence of many against one (and an innocent one at that, assuming anybody cares,) we could have taken pride in the dedication and resourcefulness of our fighting boys.


The trouble is that there are some people out there who feel pride despite the circumstances. "You're our heroes," court visitors chanted at the thugs. "You're our heroes," said the talkbackers, and will likely continue to scream it here too.


Yet the worst thing is not screaming. The worst thing we can do is keep silent.



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