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Burning the Israeli flag outside the Cairo embassy
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My apology to Egypt

Op-ed: I am so sorry that Egypt is stupid enough to set aside more than 30 years of peace

Following Egypt’s recent request for an apology over the death of five police officers during Thursday’s terror attack at the border, and in light of Cairo’s dissatisfaction with Israel’s expression of regret, I wish to add my own personal apology to the mix. Here goes:


Dear Egypt,


I am so very sorry. I am sorry that you and your leaders are so filled with hate towards Israel and so desperate to find someone to blame for you troubles that you are stupid enough to set aside more than 30 years of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. I am sorry to see you chipping away at the peace achieved through the hard work of brave leaders who saw beyond the battles and the pain. I am sorry to see you choosing instead the path of destruction and bloodshed.


I am also very sorry that the path you chose has led you to ignore acts of violence against your neighboring sovereign state. I am sorry to see you doing nothing to prevent terrorists from crossing our borders and allowing weapons to be smuggled into Gaza, smiling as the gas pipeline burns.


I am also sorry that your popular revolution, the uprising the world had such high hopes for, seems to have left Tahrir Square behind en route to square one: A military-led transition government controlling Egypt's streets. Indeed, I am sorry that you seem too stupid to realize that when you have a revolution, and then end up with the military in charge, you didn't really get a revolution. I wish you directed your anger at this failed revolution, not at Israel.


However, dear Egypt, that is all I am sorry for. If you turn a blind eye to terrorism, if your inaction contributed in some way to the deaths of eight people, if your lack of vigilance aided and abetted terrorists in their attempts to smuggle rockets into Gaza and if those rockets were then fired at Israeli civilians, then you must accept the consequences.


This does not mean that the death of five Egyptian border officers is not a regretful incident, but you share in the responsibility for those deaths.


Israel has already apologized. Now perhaps it is time for you, Egypt, to examine your own role in the events of last Thursday. Maybe it is time to ask yourself whether a country taking fledgling steps towards democracy can afford to continue to support terrorism in its midst. Let me know when you have some answers.



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