Yigal Walt

Prepare for Iran war

Op-ed: In wake of damning UN report on Iran’s nuclear plan, world must prepare for war

Tuesday’s dramatic United Nations report indicating that Iran has been working towards producing nuclear weapons constitutes a huge humiliation for the world. For years now, the international community has foolishly dismissed this menace as either nascent or non-existent, while refraining from earnestly confronting the ayatollahs’ obvious nuke ambitions. Did anyone honestly think this approach would make the threat go away?


The blunt revelations contained in Tuesday’s report make a mockery of the global so-called effort to curb Iran’s race to the bomb. They also highlight the extent to which Tehran has been making a mockery of the world, lying brazenly and feeding absurd explanations to statesmen all too willing to accept them. How could anyone believe that Iran’s nuclear reactor was established for “medical research” purposes?


Yet now the game is over, at least in its current format, with a series of charges that are no less than shocking (in terms of their gravity that is, if not in respect to them actually surprising anyone.) The report charges that Iran has “carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device” while enlisting the help of “a clandestine nuclear network.” Moreover, Tehran’s high explosive experiments are "strong indicators of possible weapon development,” the UN says.


If you seek peace, prepare for war

Now that the “secret is out,” the moment of truth has arrived, not only for Israel but for the entire world. If the international community seeks to restore any semblance of deterrence and credibility, preventing the mad mullahs from acquiring doomsday weapons and dramatically changing the global balance of power, it must act decisively, aggressively and forcefully.


A failure to harshly and uncouthly respond to the latest revelations would mark the growing disintegration of our world into a lawless, reckless realm of violence and chaos. A soft approach on Iran at this time would serve as a signal of global surrender and usher in an era of horror and terror, forcing large parts of the civilized world to live under the cloud of an unprecedented radical threat.


The era of futile words and half-hearted actions has ended abruptly. The world, headed by the West, must now impose paralyzing, severe sanctions on Iran that would bring the Ayatollah regime to its knees. Should this fail to cool off Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, the fighter jets will have to be scrambled. Indeed, it would be no exaggeration to declare that the fate of modern civilization as we know it is now at stake. Si vis pacem, para bellum.



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