Iranian madness
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Will West help the Jews?

Op-ed: As Iran approaches nuclear bomb, will world step up and prevent second Holocaust?

In 2007, French President Jacques Chirac suggested that an Iranian atomic weapon would not be used offensively. Now, many European “pragmatists” and American “rationalists”, sitting at their chancelleries and think-tanks, are trying to convince Israel that Iran would never use the bomb against the Jewish State.


Yet Israel should trust her enemies’ apocalyptic rants more than the futile experts’ opinion.


It’s the unique ideological atmosphere that makes the Iranian nuclear program more dangerous. Iran’s Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust to advance the next one. Ayatollah Khomeini, prior to his death, declared that the Jews deserved “divine retribution” because they are the “embodiment of filth. Making his intentions clear, he stated: “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land (Iran) burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”


The “Mutually Assured Destruction” theory, which characterized Cold War deterrence, doesn’t work with a death cult regime. As the Nazis managed to destroy everything Jewish from the Pyrenees to Stalingrad, the Iranians went to Buenos Aires to kill Jews.


Pure hatred

Iranian hatred, like that of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, is pure and ritual. These Holocaust-enabler terrorists preach the god of martyrdom. Former Iranian president and Ayatollah, “the moderate” Hashemi Rafsanjani, rationalized the use of nuclear weapons against the Jews, declaring: “An atomic bomb would not leave anything in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world.”


When Islamic leaders vow to wipe Israel off the map, Israel must believe them. To do otherwise would be a suicidal form of deafness to the lessons of the Holocaust.


Because of the Holocaust, Menachem Begin ordered the destruction of the nuclear bomb plant built by Saddam Hussein on the outskirts of Baghdad. Because of the Holocaust, Golda Meir ordered Mossad operatives to kill Palestinian terrorists who slaughtered Jewish athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Because of the Holocaust, Israel raided Tunisia to kill Abu Jihad, Yasser Arafat’s terrorist chief.


Iran wants to destroy Israel

Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, now says: “The Jew” – not the Zionist, note, but the Jew – “is the most obstinate enemy of the devout. And the main war will determine the destiny of mankind. . . .”


However, despite the evidence of Iranian madness and willingness to destroy Israel, the “experts” repeatedly argue that the Iranians are pragmatists who will never strike the Jews. But aren’t they the same experts who were wrong about Iran’s revolution in 1979, about Saddam Hussein, about the Islamists’ rise in Turkey and most recently about the Egyptian “spring?"


What will be left of Israel in case the Iranian priests launch a nuclear bomb on the coastal plain, where one-third of all world Jews live? Israel’s airports and industries are all there, and from 600 feet in the air you see it all, from Ashkelon to Haifa.


Just as Adolf Hitler sought to “liberate” humanity by gassing the Jews, the Ayatollahs believe they can “liberate” humanity by vaporizing Israel. Iran has the motivation to destroy Israel, and if it is allowed to gain nuclear weapons it will not need an excuse to do so. In that mindset, the “Jew Devils” must all suffer a violent death, down to the last one.


Now, the question is: Will the West help the Jews?


Giulio Meotti, a journalist with Il Foglio, is the author of the book A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism




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