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World is silent, again

Op-ed: Syria slaughter turning into full-scale genocide, yet world makes do with empty talk

It is true that the term “Shoah” is reserved, regrettably, to the Jewish people and only to it. Yet that’s not the case with respect to the term “genocide.”


A real genocide has been taking place in Syria for many months now. It is both organized and methodical. Bashar Assad’s loyal forces are murdering, in cold blood and indiscriminately, their own countrymen who dare to demand freedom and human rights.


The eye doctor who studied and was educated in Europe, and appeared like a civilized man when he took power in Syria, has been exposed as a brutal, blood-thirsty dictator ordering his loyalists to massacre the rivals of his regime of horrors.


Many thousands of Syrians – men, women and children – have already been butchered on Assad’s orders, and this slaughter has no end in sight. The scope of the killing expands every day and is turning into full-scale genocide, with the Syrian army razing whole cities.


Words but no action 

Yet the world is silent. Silent again I should say. Indeed, there are states – including Arab ones – that make a little noise. Some leaders speak out. There are even forums called to discuss the horrifying reality. However, we see no actions at all.


This is the case even though the butcher from Damascus does not attempt to hide his actions and the acts undertaken by his subordinates. He is not even ashamed of them. The opposite is true, as we can see time and again thanks to the sophisticated means of communication available to the world in this day and age.


Yet still, we see no intervention; neither by the Europeans, nor by the Americans or the various Arab states, which express their outrage against this genocide with words alone.


Only a short while ago, the Europeans intervened in Libya and came to the rescue of those who rebelled against Gaddafi the tyrant. Yet in Syria, all we see is empty talk.



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