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Hagai Segal
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Israel isn’t powerless

Op-ed: Day after Israeli strike on Iran likely won’t be as grim as current doomsday scenarios

Last week, a deal was signed for a sixth German submarine to be supplied to Israel. According to foreign reports and local hints, this submarine will possess capabilities that are not quite conventional.


The abovementioned capacities will most certainly prove highly beneficial to us when facing apocalyptic scenarios in the future; however, these capabilities will also be very beneficial in averting such scenarios to begin with.


Iran will be thinking twice before it embarks on an all-out war against a state with a highly advanced submarine fleet and one of the best Air Forces in the world. Tehran may even rethink, at the last moment, whether developing a nuclear bomb is truly worthwhile.


Yet even if Iran does not rethink its nuclear project, Israel is not powerless. As opposed to the hysterical impression produced here over the last winter, Israel will not face a potential Iranian assault with bare hands.


In case Tehran tries to retaliate with force for a strike on its nuclear facilities, we would be able to respond with even greater force.


We are no longer that same old herd being led to the slaughter, as was the case in the early part of the 20th Century. We have progressed a little since then; we also acquired some weapons during that time.


The actual strike on Iran’s nuclear reactors would be a highly complex operation. However, our lives here will be more comfortable the day after the attack. There is also an excellent chance that the day after would be nowhere as grim as the horrific scenarios we’re hearing.



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