Morsi after the election resuts
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Morsi a disaster for Egypt

Open letter to Egyptians: Do you really think new president will end corruption, save your economy?

Hello to you our Egyptian brothers, the tens of thousands of excited people at Tahrir Square celebrating Mohammad Morsi’s presidential victory. I truly have no idea what makes you so happy.


What kind of news do you think this bearded man, who wholeheartedly believes that “Islam is the solution,” will bring to your homeland?


Is it indeed so important for you to embrace Iran and distance yourselves from the West? Is it that important for you to smoke a hookah with Hamas’ terrorists while telling Mahmoud Abbas to get lost? Do you really think that you will be saving your collapsing economy by “re-examining” the peace treaty with Israel? Moreover, do you truly believe that terminating the gas deal with Israel is the lifesaver for your dying economy?


And here is yet another question: Are really naïve enough to think that a radical Islamic regime will be free of corruption and ensure your wellbeing? Come on, don’t make us laugh.


There is no doubt about it: This Morsi is not only bad for Israel, he is mostly bad for his countrymen. People of his type charge forward to take over the government, backed up by firecrackers at town square and President Barack Obama’s well-wishes, but end up stoning women who “committed adultery” at the same square where the masses now celebrate.


Indeed, these people tend to impose a dark Islamic regime premised on fear and hatred for Israel, and when they find themselves with their backs against the wall they butcher their countrymen mercilessly. So this is the man you elected, and this is the kind of person he is. For precisely this reason, former President Hosni Mubarak was wise enough to throw him in jail.


Indeed, if Morsi is a product of the Arab Spring, the Middle East can expect many more difficult years to come.



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